What's the difference between MTT n SNG?

Which is easier n which is harder? Which one is ur favorite n why?

Well, the name tell. MTT is Multi table, aka lots of table, with set up time for start. Harder, as more oponent.
SNG is a single table, usually start when one table fill up. Faster, shorter, any time game.

MTT is more variance (luck based) than SNG, MTT takes more patience, Both are foldfests, MTT is harder in the way that you can play perfectly and still get outdrawn and not make the money, SNG is harder if you’re up against better players than you are because only 3 people make the money and you can’t afford to sit back and fold like you would early in MTT, My favourite is MTT because there isn’t any money involved on this site and while i like to play good poker, SNG’s are filled with people that just go on post&fold mode, boring.

Xov and anyone else reading this months after the orig post…

SnG and MTT have only 1 difference…

SnG - has a set number of players, on 1 table or more than 1 table.
MTT - has a variable number of players, on 1 table or more than 1 table.

My guess as to why its called Sit & Go… when X number of people sit to play, we go (start).
Whereas MTT is almost generic in Multi-Table-Tournament.

P.S. - for all those haters, I have seen a MTT only get 8 entries on a 9 ppl table… thus 1 table.

I tend to play MTTs nowadays more than SnGs but to me both are the same strategy in the end and that changes depending on size of field.