What's THAT hand called?

Notice these are Hold’em hands. Everybody knows A-A is American Airlines and AK is Big Slick. Most know a 10-2 is a Doyle. But, can you name the following (or make up your own!?) It helps f you’re old to understand some of them and I gave you a few to get you started.

2-2 Swans or ducks

2-3 Skidoo

2-4 lumber (2X4)

4♣ Devil’s bedposts

4-4 Dirty Harry or Magnum

4-5 caliber

5-2 pick up

5-4 Car 54 (where are you?)

5-5 Double nickel

5-7 Heinz

5-10 Woolworth’s

6-6 Big Bad John

7-7 Sunset Strip

9-5 Dolly Parton

10-2 Doyle

10-4 Broderick Crawford

10-6 Candles or tons

10-10 Railroad tracks (20, 30, or 40 miles if paired, tripped, or quads)

J-5 Jackson Five

J-Q Maverick

K♦ Suicide King

K-8 Kate or School

K-9 Doggy

K-J Kojack

A-J Ajax (the foaming cleanser)

A-Q Little Slick (especially if suited)

A-K Big Slick

A-A American Airlines


I call 10-4 “good buddy”, KJ “Jacking” (only when not suited), and AQ “AOC” because she’s the queen with the most powerful kicker.


Thanks for that. Some are quite hard to get where the name comes from, but this is problem of non native language I think.

8-8 Snowmen
A-K is Anna Kournikowa … looks good …rarerly wins


Giving it my best shot here:
2-2 is paradox (pair of ducks)
9-5 I’ll call “workin’ for a livin’”
10-4 is copy that
K-9 is the dog hand
AA is bullets


With apologies to my own sex, in England we call 88 two fat ladies…


Not going to offend sb… QQ is called 4 tits

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So what do you call KK John…?

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That is a good question. To be hounest, I havent heared off a similar name for KK or JJ.
Probably politness is way more given to poker girls and the inner cinema can never compete with QQ. :blush:


AA = snake eyes (stolen from dice games)

KK= Ace magnets is the most accurate (I’m more unlucky than pug when it comes to uninvited Aces turning up at any point they like: flop, turn or river to crack my Cowboys)
King Kong or Krispy Creme

TT = TnT (I find kings the worst but TT is a great hands with so many over-cards its an explosive anxiety bomb, waiting to go off)

AJ = Blackjack or Ajax

A8 = Dead Mans hand is by far the most interesting name

A4 = Fake Aces I used to do this a lot when I played poker way beyond tired Only to realise on the flop, turn or river that my AA is simply A4. Should I keep bluffing?

K9 = Canine

KJo = Bachelor hand

Q7 = Computer Hand I’ve only ever heard this once watching poker commentary. Apparently this hand is 50-50 Vs any random hand, which I find hard to believe.

95 = Dolly Parton (song)



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JJ - candy canes

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Queen of China?

7-2 unsuited: It’s called “my typical starting hand”. But hey, that’s why bluffing was invented.

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AA–Pair of Ones, “Small Pocket Pair” (when someone asks what I had)
AK–Anna Kournikova (Looks great, never wins)
JJ–Fish hooks
77–Luckies, Vegas, Hockey Sticks
55–Speed Limit
69–Yin Yang

Remember the poker player Paul Magriel, who used to call his bets “quack quack” because he always bet in multiples of 22. I heard him once say “Double quack quack plus quack,” betting $46,000.



A few that may not have been listed.

Jacks and 5’s is Motown
Queens and 3’s is Gay Waiter
10’s and 4’s is Broderick Crawford

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Here are the ones me and my dad use when we play
AK=big slick
JJ=Jiggities(There’s no right way to play them)

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Not sure what “THAT” hand is called, but the hands I’ve been getting today would best be described as a FOOT. :wink:

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72 in Germany: Bierhand (beer hand)= Throw it away and take a beer.

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