What's he biggest %$#@ U the Poker Gods ever rained down on you?

Seven players left at tourney table. Here’s what happens:

I’m dealt AA. Two guys go all in. Combined bet doesn’t really hurt my stack, so I call. Lose to the guy with 55 when he hits a 5 on the flop.

Very next hand: I’m dealt AA!! Again!!!

Everyone folds to me.

Poker Gods 2, Elvoid 0.

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Every single hand I ever played online for real money. Each hand was a bigger FU than the last.


My biggest was in a real money online tournament.

We were at the final table, and I flop a set of 8s, one spade on the board. I bet and get called.

Turn brings another spade, I bet and get called.

River brings the 8 of spades, giving me quads. I bet and he jams. Naturally, I call, and he shows that he went runner runner, hitting a gutshot to a straight flush on the river to put me out. Ouch!


Hahaha you never know what whould happend in poker!!


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Just lost with middle set to top set tonight on a rainbow board so right now that’s all I can think of

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was dealt 99.
i bet.
flop came 944.
I bet some more.
turn came a 4.
I bet it all.
river was a 4.
I lost to AX and left the table


ha ha , now that is funny

I Played a live game 3 years ago with proceeds going to local charities . Buy-in $200 and the winner got bragging rights. Very first hand my AAAJJ boat ran smack bang into a royal flush. I was roundly cheered/booed by the other 53 players as I rebought. First hand back, in the BB I was dealt TdTh and called a small raise. Flop comes Tc7s3h. Action went bet, raise, reraise, shove, call and villain turns over 3s2s. Turn and river were 4s6s and I’m out. I called the floor manager (a close friend of mine) and asked for a ruling. Was I out first twice or was I out first and second??. His reply was I finished 107th in a 54 seat game and managed to beat myself while doing so.


The dreaded curse of pocket rockets. Happens a lot.

Yeah - for me the “FU” part of it wasn’t losing to the guy that hit a set with his pocket 5’s - that happens - happens a lot - sucks, but no big deal. The big “FU” was giving me AA again in the VERY NEXT hand. So as I’m cackling at my good fortune and plotting how to MAKE THEM PAY this time (yes, picture Dr. Evil petting his cat, cause that’s how I felt), everyone around me proceeds to fold before a single bet can hit the table (yes, I was BB).


I’ve had 2 on-line experiences that I thought were really outrageous. This was back in the day when you could play for real money; at a limit game ($10,$20) I was dealt a pocket pair 3 deals in a row, flopped a set each time, and lost each time. The 1st time the winner made a straight with 4 cards on the board and 1 in his hand; the 2nd winner made a flush with 4 cards on the board and 1 in his hand. On the 3rd deal, flopped a set, made a full house on the turn, opponent made bigger house on the river. I felt this was outside the limits of normal bad luck — what do you think? The 2nd incident might actually been a case of a player that hacked into the program somehow. At a limit game of 5 card draw ($10,$20) some idiot was shoving chips every hand. I decided to wait for a real hand and punish the moron. Got dealt three 10’s, raised his usual bet, got re-raised. I drew 2 cards, he drew 3 AND MADE A FLUSH! ! That means he didn’t even have a pair when he bet out, then re-raised pre-draw. Had to be hacking.

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That’s pretty brutal. As to the possibility of hacking, I don’t know - but I will say this:

Back in the day when we all used wooden computers and the internet was hooked up with a screaming 5600 or so baud modem to this thing called a “land line,” hacking things was pretty easy. I used to play a game called “Starcraft” which had a cool feature where you could go online a battle it out with people around the world. I remember one time, though, where after about 15 minutes of building up forces, I sent a scout up to sneak a look at the other guy’s progress - and what I found was flat out impossible in the time that had passed - buildings on buildings; large amounts of weaponry that were absolutely physically impossible to have been built within the time frame that had passed. I had heard of some people that had hacked the game, and here it was, right before my own eyes.

So… the point of this story is that back in the stone age, if someone took the time to hack Starcraft just for kicks, no money on the line - is it that far out of the realm of possibility that someone figured out how to hack an online, real money poker game?

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This site giving me two years of bad beats w dominating hand on flop or turn…one hand I lost 12 million chip pot w a set and ace kicker to a runnner runner straight…

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It was on this site playing Omaha Hi/Lo that the Poker Gods rained down upon me the biggest FU ever. I had four Kings and thought I had it in the bag … until I was beaten by a straight flush.
I Googled it and according to them the odds of that happening is 1 in 88 million and it goes on to say that few will ever see it happen let alone be involved in a game where it does.

So, Ya know, I got that going me…

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My biggest win is 2.6 mill on here pair of tens and lost is 5 mill think it was the same day :frowning: it took me a while to learn from that!!

I was getting no cards at all, so I got up to get a snack. I came back to two Aces in my hand and one in the flop. But I had an ice cream sandwich – so I was still happy.

Had a similar experience.

The one and only time (so far) I had a Royal Flush, I folded it. That’s right. I. Folded. It.

Playing in the office (work was slow), and I honestly don’t remember the details of the cards I was holding or what flopped, but I do know I was on the phone and not paying a lot of attention to the game for about two or so hands. But the river card hit, and I glanced at the screen long enough to realize I had a Royal Flush, someone had bet, and my timer was in the red. I desperately tried to maneuver the mouse to call, to raise, to do something, anything, before I timed out.

Didn’t make it.

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Decided to play on a higher stakes table than usual.

Very first hand: ace/ace.

Big stack shoved. I called. All in. I lost.

I’m gonna make that call at least 9 out of 10 times. if it’s HU

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