What's behind the poker face?

I’ve always wondered what after my 260,000 played hands here on Replay, who am I playing against? Why do you love poker? What do you work with or if you are retired what did you work with? What’s your hobby? a little like that, would be fun to know a little more of you! Poker is magical but life is much more than that!
I myself am 49 years old, slipped into poker by mistake, played blackjack and other things, became a gambling addict, went well for a while, but as you know a gambler loses in the end, lost everything, but now I’m back and will never come happen again for me, so that’s how I ended up on Replay, learned poker and you can love a game without losing real money! Before 2019, I had never played this game, such a beautiful game, like chess! Has helped me a lot !! Of course you are addicted to the game, but it’s a hobby, my hobby !! Otherwise I am a simple person, working in Retail as I have done all my life, selling things and serving other people is fun! Love animals and nature and fishing!
Who are you?
/ Johan


! behind the mask


Hehe love it Sun!!!