What would you have done?


i put him on a pair, but not sure it was queens

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i had pocket J

not sure if that shows

Without a specific read on the player, when he 3bets you preflop then I put him on a big pair or maybe AK/AQ. Players on this site don’t generally 3bet except with very strong hands. When he jams the flop for 2x pot then that seems like he has a big pair hand like AA-QQ or maybe AQ that he is trying to protect against flush draws.

So based on this hand alone, I think you folding JJ is fine. If you had seen this player making a lot of aggressive moves in previous hands then you could reach a different conclusion.

I think he had something like kings, so it may have been a good fold. The rank of that player is really low, though; I doubt they even care about protecting their hand or anything of the like. They probably had something hot, and said: “Whoa! Let’s reraise!”. Then maybe they didn’t even look at the flop, and just went in for more.

Yeah, there is no point in reading these players anyway. Just wait for another opportunity and move on.