What would you have done here?

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This is the hand that essentially decided the champion of this event. Damian Salas had knocked out four-time World Poker Tour main event champion Darren Elias in third place ($242,839) to take a small lead into heads-up play against Sami Kelopuro for the title.

Kelopuro picked up 10-9 offsuit on the button and raised to 368,000. Salas looked down at pocket eights in the big blind and three-bet to 1,144,000. Kelopuro made the call in position and flopped a gutshot straight draw. Salas made a continuation bet of roughly one-third the size of the pot with his pocket eights and Kelopuro came along.

The turn was the ultimate action card in the 8©, which completed Kelopuro’s straight while giving Salas second set. Salas checked to Kelopuro, who made a smallish bet of 1,275,279 into the pot of 3,864,480. Salas called and the 2® on the river made a flush possible. Salas checked and Kelopuro elected to move all-in for 5,934,451 into the pot of 6,415,038.

Salas went deep into the tank. He likely ruled out the one higher set possible, assuming that Kelopuro would four-bet pocket jacks preflop. However, this logic would also rule out the overpairs of A-A, K-K, and Q-Q, which he could beat. In order to call, Salas would have to believe that Kelopuro could have one of the lower sets, such as 7-7 or 6-6. He likely also factored in that Kelopuro could show up with some complete bluffs in this situation. He ultimately made the call with his set of eights and was left with 1,736,060 after the hand. Salas was knocked out as the runner-up finisher just a few minutes later when he ran top pair into the top two pair of Kelopuro. Salas earned $314,924 for his second-place showing, while Kelopuro took home $408,406 for the win.

Hitherto I have tended to ignore gutshot straight draws, but when they hit, my goodness, they hurt, especially when you have 2 blockers and villain still makes the straight

First off the 3-bet from the BB is too small, if you are going to 3bet from OOP it should be at least a pot sized bet. I think the call from 109 is questionable, but fine. Salas should’ve probably bet again on the turn with the flush and straight possibilites, but I guess a check is also okay. Now that Kelopuro bet, Salas should probably jam with a polarized range including flush draws and sets to keep balance. Just my thoughts on this interesting hand.