What would you do if you owned replay poker?

scrap missions endorsements and late registration or least decrease late registration 2 mins. add more games like 5 card stud and draw crazy pineapple. keep all promotions except for ones where you have to play 24/7. add special tournament/s where top 3 could win prize from swag store.

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Only allow one sit out per game/tournament

Multiple sit outs whilst not generating your own pot definitely increases the odds as player numbers decrease.

Whats hilarious about this is the little click of “Experts” who are forthcoming with lots of advice whilst being the worst culprits. Why sit there watching instead of enjoying the game?

Just my opinion as i play for fun

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I played on tables long time ago that if you sat out or lost connection, you had 10 mins to get back. if not, that players chips were divided evenly as possible rest of players at table

hmmmmm…are they looking to sell? lol

not that I know of, this is just a hypothetical question.

Anyone sitting out after say 10 mins or a full round in MTTs ( mb Sngs & ring too) should be removed; Never heard of splitting their chips if removed though. .

In Ring games, also takes too long from the time you stand to leaving table.

Bring back Emojis to the tables…


I also wouldn’t have mods as some abuse their powers. all chat would be reported to staff. staff deal with it accordingly. some mods like to pick on certain players too.

would listen to anyone that thinks site is rigged and have a team review their hands see if there is anything to their claims.



along with that players would have drop down menu for simple chat. examples. hi, how are you? this benefit muted players as they still be able interreact

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Allow charged donations.

I agree with the wildpokerdude for a drop-down player chat. Quick action no or little typing would be awesome. Friends sending friends daily chips. One chip button that may send 50, 300, 750,1000 the amount would be a surprise for the receiver. Cap the number of friends and the amount a player is permitted to collect each day. This may encourage people to be friendly and or introduce more people to the site. Bonus chips when reaching the next level or bonus chips upon reaching level10, 20, 30…keeping people active looking forward milestones. But really if I owed Replay Poker I think I would happily be planning adventures to get into.

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I would display the following information on player profiles:

  • number of games played
  • total chips received from site (daily bonus, chips purchased if any)

Shut it down for 2 weeks , get rid of all the gimmicks, stop making it look like a video game, get back to the way a poker room/ table should look like, rank based on win percentage not chip count, voice activated chat instead of endless typing, ( because sometimes texting gets lost in translation and yes there is software that translates different languages).

Bigger rewards for players like daily and weekly top 25 or 50 players instead of just monthly,

I’m going to stop there because I could go on forever but most see where I’m headed.

Good thread :+1:t2:


Do something to encourage more discussion on how to play poker well on these forums. I don’t know if there is some kind of lack of storage, but the general intention seems to be to reduce it to the minimum and discourage discussion, while trying to promote threads that have nothing to do with playing poker.


Ok I’ll go forward with the flavor of your post. Another thing I would do is just that, ( encourage participation on poker related topics and tips for playing your best game). I was the former forum administrator for the largest forum ( not poker related) in the world.

When I saw a need to encourage discussion on a certain topic I would bring in a paid expert on a subject to start a thread and participate in it weekly. I think the community here would love to go back and forth and get expert tips from a “ Poker Pro “ that’s what I would do if I owned this site.

So I guess you knew where I was headed :wink:


Please don’t allow players to bust and occupy there seat for another six minutes with 0 chips. Well help players who are waiting for a seat. I know they can x out but they don’t. Seen players waiting four minutes or more and still have to wait another six watching a seat with player not adding chips. just add chips if you are returning, Thank You


yeah if a player in ring game lost all their chips should lose their seat right away. don’t want to lose your seat? then don’t lose all your chips.



Rank should be wholly attributed to win percentage not how deep your pockets are

Sitting out should be limited to once per game or tournament for a much shorter period of time

People are aware what time games/ tourneys start so maybe 5 mins lee way not 10 or 15

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Run promotions that would give free entry in the WSOP Main event or other major tournaments. Great advertising and promotion to see Team Replay in Vegas.

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Yep, the site has become gimmicky with the Missions crap.

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