What to do when you lose your self-confidence?

A wonder? poker friends! What do you do when you lose confidence? When the game is not right at all, you only get bad cards or good cards but you still lose, but what do you do when you have lost confidence? I know that my turn will come again, but everything is not just luck in poker, it is also self-confidence, do not know the phase what was mine has taken the road in recent days! You want to play because it’s so much fun and I do not play too much! If there is anyone who has a miracle cure out there :slight_smile:

The only one I’ve ever found was patience. If I out-wait the bad cards, the unlucky turns, and the poor results, eventually the game will turn around. It always has. Just play a basically sound game and the “luck” part evens out.


I find that after a few bad beats or a losing streak, it helps to drop down a stakes level to regain my form. This is no miracle cure, but can help in terms of reducing the psychological fallout of losing. Even with free chips, there is a psychological aspect to the game (at least for me there is, but I am sure that some people could care less), as it is no fun losing chips, which took time and effort to accumulate.


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I’ve done the same many times. Inevitably, you’ll have extended streaks where you run really bad, and when they last long enough, I start to question if there aren’t things I am doing wrong that are contributing. Dropping down a level or two, even if I don’t really need to from a bank roll perspective, helps both in rebuilding my confidence, and also lets me re-think my game and try out a variety of new approaches with less risk, as there probably are things I was doing that contributed to my bad run.

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I go psychotic and have full meltdowns in public until the moderators step in, but I think we all know that by now.

And in my spare time, I also work on improving my poker game and try to close leaks.

It helps that I’m apparently a masochist with a humiliation kink.


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Nothing works for me. have no confidence on any 2 cards or what hand I hit and how I play it. I just fold away because some how or some way I 'll get beat.

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We will figure it out Wild!!! Tuff it is

Already have. I don’t play anymore.

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I love this game!! I feel sometimes not to play,like now,but the love of the game is to great!! I belive its on my mind,luck we all get! dont stop play!!! I belive you love the game too! you will come around!! and feel the magic again as me will!! Have a good evening!!

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I do like the game. Free poker yes, but I can’t take getting beat regardless what hand I get (lack of) or how I play a hand over and over. just not worth it anymore. Wish could play live poker

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Thats my dream one day,if someone gives me 1 mill dollars just for poker!! Live is diffrent,you see the eys,the body language and all other factors!! But dont stop play here!! take a break and you will come around!! I play for its fun and want to be the best i can be,my goal is not to be the best here! My best game is when i play better players than me,i sharp up and do well,but my problome is i have to much emotions,think to much! I hope you find your way back here and motivation,set new goals,be nr 1!! beat me :slight_smile: I have to get my head straight again and win again :slight_smile: One step at the time!!

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I’ have taking breaks and what not. Its just not fun. I’m frustrated all the time. Don’t care about being best or chips. Just want to have fun and its not fun losing no matter what.

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Its never fun to lose! you can write me if you want,iam a good lissner!! Good night from Stockholm

Just got done with a tourney all because a friend asked to play. 1 hand I won with.

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I tell myself these things when it’s just not happening for me:

  1. It’s just a card game.
  2. It’s not real money.

Last but not least:

  1. Try to see the funny side.
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For me taking an extended break is a good idea sometimes. Like a few weeks ago I punted off most of my bankroll in a day of pure uncontrolled tilting. I decided to stop playing for a while lest I lose the rest. I play a quick cash game or tournament every few days to test if I’ve regained my discipline and composure (which I still haven’t based on results)