What TILTs you the most?

What TILTs you the most? :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: The following two Hands TILTED me so much that I quit the table. Funny enough I only lost a few Big Blinds & what TILTED me was completely different for each hand. (Obviously it wasn’t losing a lot of chips)

The two things that TILT me the most are the RP system failing and playing badly. Getting TILTED to the point where you “need” to leave the table like Phil Hellmuth is really bad.

I don’t really TILT that much anymore and TBH I never really was that bad anyway. Yes I did get upset and frustrated over bad beats, dumb luck and playing badly which I’m sure I would have previously attributed to the first two anyway BUT I don’t think it drastically altered my emotions & rationality or TILTED me to the point of playing significantly worse.

Personally I think Phil Hellmuth provides the best and most well known example of a player that often TILTs. I can relate a lot to getting so upset and frustrated that I need to leave the table but its very rare, and, not for the usually well known cause of TILT. The following two Hands are those rare exceptions of Phil Hellmuthing away from the table for a little pep talk. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

In both hands I’m doing well & winning and in both hands I only lost a few Big Blinds but walked away from good winning sessions TILTED. Personally that is the definition of TILTING for me: walking away from a profitable situation because of emotional discomfort.

Hand #636041544 (6MAX)

Hero 9h7h on BB raises 3.5BB in a 5 player limp pot & 5 call.

Almost straight after I raise preflop my browser crashes (insufficient memory) and my table goes white. (note: this probably isnt a RP bug/error. All browsers I have opened regularly crash every 1.5 - 3 hours)

I immediately reload my dashboard page, and re-launch my table and get back to see the flop with time running out. Its a good flop AhKh6c. Flopped flush draw, backdoor straight draw.

I frantically try to raise/call & let RP know that Im back, but I slowly time out.

Turn: 5h Hero hits flush and despite the fact Im back for the flop I get insta folded when BUTTON turns 2 pair, 5566 and bets 2BB into 14.5BB pot & RP pushes the FOLD button and punches my TILT button. :face_vomiting:

Sometimes playing on RP feels like I’m conscious, drugged, paralysed, tortured and TILTED beyond belief.

FYI I found out that I can right click the crashed white screen table and reload or press CTRL+R on keyboard to save a lot of time when this issue arises. Hope that might help someone & reduce TILT a little. :smiley

Hand #638825620 (6MAX)

Hero Ac6c on the BTN, modest raise of 4.25BB (with 2 limpers) & everyone calls 5 to a flop.

Flop: 5d6d3d SB donks for 4BB (20% of pot) into 20BB. Hero folds.

Turn Ah & River: As giving Hero a folded AAA66 Full House.

SB mucks I presume is a missed flush draw & BB shows 99.

With so many bad cards on the turn to come is it worth calling? I made a tight & regretful fold that put me on TILT.

What TILTs you the most?
The two things that TILT me the most are the RP system failing and playing badly. Getting TILTED to the point where you “need” to leave the table like Phil Hellmuth is really bad.

If someone handed you a die and said, “Here, roll this, but if you roll a 6, you have to get all angry and upset,” you would think they are crazy.

Random events don’t control me, and they don’t control my mood. I don’t allow it. Nothing in free poker can tilt me. I don’t allow it.

Why on Earth would anyone allow random events during free poker to control their emotional state?


I sometimes feel tilted walking up a hill… also walking down it too but the tops ok for me :slight_smile:


with your memory thing have you tried giving replay priority in task manager that may help a bit

So if a close relative/friend died you act stoic? If you reversed into a tree that jumped behind your car and dinged it up good, again, stoic? If someone leaves your work/business and you get promoted + a pay rise stoic? When you win a Tournament on RP stoic?

Being controlled & being affected is very different. I haven’t really heard of an ability to turn off the emotion/mood chip, but if you have learn it I’m sure that comes in handy during the ups and downs in life.

That’s just how normal or neurotypical people react. Normal or neurotypical people experience an array of emotions or mood between happy to sad, and above and beyond and life experiences affect normal or neurotypical people.

Even Daniel Negreanu recently went on TILT or at least lost it emotionally on a Twitch stream. How much was acting & how much was genuine? Regardless I’m sure it had a negative impact even if small on his poker. Do you think he would react differently if he was playing RP free chip poker?

People still enjoy winning and dislike losing, and experience happiness and sadness or upset based on the result even if its free chips.

WHY as you say? Thats not really the point of this post.

Humans get to choose how we respond to events. Children react more emotionally than adults. How we handle adversity says a lot more about us than it says about the adverse event. But, occasional strong cursing can help everyone.


I am keenly aware that in any game events can happen that could tilt me, but these days I know I generally go on tilt only when I’m tired or feeling like I’m ready for the game to be over. I’m never proud of a tilt episode, but generally I do know where it has come from: wanting to rush to either get my chip stack back or wanting to rush to get to the end of the game–having for some reason lost emotional investment in it.


Yeah, that.

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I clearly said, “random events during free poker,” so your point is moot. Only one of your examples applies in context… winning tournaments. I’ve won hundreds of tournies: the thrill (what little thrill there was) is long gone. Winning or losing a tournament just means it’s over.

Maybe it’s because I focus on the process and not the outcomes. If I’m 80% to win, I will lose 20%. If I lose, should this effect me emotionally? Sorry, but it doesn’t.

Yes I do. But I don’t care what he would or wouldn’t do. Your thread asks, “What tilts you the most,” so I answered for me. You suggest that this isn’t normal. I’m not normal and have no desire to ever be normal. I’ll leave normal to the average folks and keep striving to be exceptional, thanks!


I felt tilted when I was on a boat once

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Yeah cursing might help. I like how Phil Hellmuth blames the dealer and luck for his misfortunes. He once blamed a new dealer for his misfortune on a previous hand. CRAZY! If only he could find the humour in his TILT.

It sure makes me laugh & brings happiness to my heart.



I know I shouldn’t be so wrapped up in Poker, Yet when the BIZZARE happens, I lose it, Sorry!


Phil Hellmuth may, or may not have tilted over this one, but I doubt it.
there were no hands saved, so I’m trying to recreate from memory.
The game is Bounty Glory, with 2 minutes remaining in the 5 minute break. The last hand had resulted in a winning river for one of my opponents, and dropped me to 7/8, paying 5. I probably had ten,or less, big blinds, but I’ve gotten pretty good at picking my spots and felt confident that a double up, and careful hand selection would put me back in the money.
Then, the screen freezes. This has happened enough times that I have the routine down for the quickest way back. Shouldn’t miss a single hand.
What? Windows need to update? 1% 2%, 5%, can this take any longer? Finally. No, wait. Now windows has to install the files it just downloaded. Cool, that went fast. Seat and a chip, right? the machine reboots and WTH, windows needs to update… did they just forget some files the first time?
You get the picture. 8th place finish. No chips, no joy.
Well, a little joy. The 114K I made from bust outs helped a little, but not much.


when people ask dumb questions :triumph: :rage:

Frequent freezes of these new tables, I don’t tilt, but I lose the grip, especially I lose a winner. I don’t play the same way.

For the other one I don’t worry too much about runner runner development.

a poker site that took a good thing and turned it into one that is not so great anymore.


you must be on constant TILT :crazy_face:

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Then what happened finally? Replay screens have stopped freezing?

Strange as it may seem, replay played no part. This time it was all in my system. Video card maybe. I did play in an SnG recently, where everyone had to get a refund, and again yesterday where a friend was getting folded out with winning hands. I know that feeling well.
When I downloaded chrome, and started using it for replay, things got a lot better. With firefox, (which i still use for everything else), using the new tables was simply impossible. Couldn’t tell which board cards were real, or just extras.
Another thing that seems to help is pulling up achievements, then minimizing the main screen, leaving just the game window.
Tech probs make me crazy…


Amen, brother. Here’s a hand to tilt you: https://www.replaypoker.com/replay/659485900/pair-jacks

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