What the heck is wrong with my poker playing?

for some reason i did once play the game quite good but now for a few months i suck at almost all games. here are the details:
after some time playing at replaypoker i recognised i keep getting better and better at the game, i kept improving my bankroll until at some point i had more then 2 million! but after that i got ridiculously much bad luck: i got really much great hands after i folded them and when i played good hands, some people called with trash draws and on the river they get their card (and i don’t mean only this kind of bad luck but many many things like this). and yes, i know bad luck is a part of poker but even for a horrible luck based downswing thius is happening a crazy amount of times. as mentioned before i once had 2 million but now i am totally broke, i can’t get to improve my bankroll either because this is still happening. i do get some prizes sometimes but not enough to improve from.
also have to say that sometimes i am playing bad also because my self confidence is degraded a lot because of this, but it don’t look like the reason because this happened because of getting broke like this.

if someone having the same experience, or know if something is wrong with the site or with me, please let me know. also if you know please tell me what is happening if you know so i can do something about it.

I’m kinda in the same situation as you. I’ve been playing on this site (mostly using another account) for about a year and at the beginning I was a complete newbie to the game. I’ve been up and down a lot, but throughout the year I’ve been getting bigger winning streaks with longer periods of time between hitting zero each time. This last time, I managed to last 20K hands without ever going bust, and at some points I’ve reached over 100M. The fact that I managed to lose that is something of a miracle. I don’t think I ever played too badly, and I got extremely unlucky at some points. BUT I still think that it’s completely my fault (don’t listen to the people who claim that this site is rigged or anything)- bankroll management is so important! When you get higher (like above 1M or something) you really should never use more than 5% of your roll and less for tournies. I know its a bit paradoxical to talk about this when I failed at it myself, but you HAVE to stick to it- its just not worth losing it all.

As for now- don’t let it effect your playing or your mood. My personal advice would be to be careful with low stakes ring games; they can be very frustrating because nobody ever folds- just make sure you never bluff if you’re going to play them. Personally I like to play the hyper turbo SnGs until I get to 50K or so; they’re more fun than the low stakes ring games and I quite like them just to play for fun- just bear in mind that there is quite a lot of variance so even at low levels you need to use some kind of bankroll management. Don’t let it get you down- just play for fun knowing that there is a lot of variance in thus game and make sure you use management when you get back up.

Good luck- hope this helps :wink:

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nice to hear i am not the only one who is happening with (not nice for you of course :slight_smile: )

i have to say however i have used bankroll management in about 5% (also with tournaments however). but besides that i also have to admit there were some times when i losed a bit i got on a tilt and used too high buy-ins, but in the basic lines i have used bankroll management.

i totally agree with you to stick with it all the time however, and i will try to not make that mistake again.
however it is still odd to have THAT amount of bad luck for months.

and i will use the tips you gave me to build my roll again.

it helps to hear another player had the same problem and why. thank you very much for your explanation.

you also gl with building your roll again.

A few weeks ago I saw a thread where people were complaining about the site being rigged against them because they always lose, so I said that if the site was rigged it was in my favor because I have been winning. Right after I said that my luck changed and I have been getting bad luck all the time and have been losing. I still don’t think the site is rigged but I understand your frustration. I don’t know how much of my recent losing is because of me playing bad and how much is because of luck but I don’t think my playing has changed that much and I used to be a winning player on this site.

I haven’t lost all of my chips because I only play with at most around 5 percent of my total bankroll at a time but I have lost over one fifth of my chips since my downswing began.

Sick and tired of people saying the site is rigged. I dealt poker live for 3 and a half years live tournament and live cash game in no limit holdem. Believe me that everything that happens on this site happens in live poker. Some players just seem to do no wrong until they also go on a downturn. Everyone has different skillsets and experience. There are to many variabals to consider to say the site is rigged, for one the site doesn’t have any idea who will be in the hand and what cards they are playing and how they will play the hand. From experience in dealing there is always the chaser even runner runners, and believe me those are the worse, I had 6 runner runners beat me in 1 day. And that is where the different experience and skillsets come in. The more experience those players get they will figure out that they will lose more than they will win. And there is the problem, poker has exploded so there will always be less experienced players always learning what is the best way to win with the best percentages.


ty all for the information and explanations.

oddly enough the crazy amount of bad luck looks like it has stopped (at least for now, i hope it will keep that way) (of course bad beats are happening still, but that is normal with poker.)

nice to hear all those explanations, and just to be clear: it isn’t that i think the site is rigged, i only consider it an option because it is odd that it happened and i don’t like to point my finger to someone unless i am absolutely sure it is true. the reason i asked is just because i liked to know what’s happening.
i thought lets explain this also, just to make sure there are no misunderstandings. :slight_smile:

i have also used the tip about using the turbo sng’s most of the time, and it helped me to get my bankroll to 100k, and i will continue to increase it.

to make a long story short: ty all for the information and it is going the right way again until now. i hope it keeps going that way.

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Respect @yiazmat! Some, like @ROTTWEILER and @totsandapps should learn some manners from you.

Yup. Me too. Twice been up to 1.8 mil and suddenly play for hours at a time day after day and get beat in really stupid ways. I’ll give a few examples. All-in with A-A and 2-3 calls. 2-2-3-3-3 on the board. I’ve had Straight flushes beaten twice by runner runner higher straight flushes, I’ve had quads beaten 7 times by turn or river or runner runner higher quads or straight flushes - well you get the point.
Played for years at casino and card room tables (low stakes) and never seen the likes of it. Replay doesn’t get a pass on odds and probabilities because it’s an internet site.

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Maybe this site is not rigged , but the algorithm is certainly inaccurate! How else to explain the situation: I played eight tournaments in a row on the table with LOKENDRA where his starting hands got: 6xA,A and 2xK,K-I know this for sure, because every time I checked it every tournament with curiosity. I do not think I need to add that most of these tournaments won. There was such a paradox that my dream was not to hit the table with him, because I knew in advance that any hand with him not win :frowning: For half a year playing in ~ 300 tournaments ONLY ONCE happened that I eliminated it! It was a success, because by playing with another user told me, that this art went to him after 2 years of playing together with him.
After these and other experiments on this website just I stopped here to play every day. I prefer to take the time to play, where such absurd situations do not occur

I find that I’ll get a really good winning streak and then will have a very very long losers streak.
The key is to bet really low until you see another winning streak coming. It takes alot o patience.

Looks like we all share similar stories of winning and losing, I find some people get upset because they get beat after going
ALL IN because they have AA hole cards. It is the Best hand pre-flop however you must admit the fact that it is only ONE PAIR. Since there are only 4 Aces in the deck you are gambling that no one else is going to get better than KK. Hold 'em has a total of 7 cards to make your best 5 card hand. I never bet with just a pair of Aces. It is dangerous and foolish.
I was in a game that people kept re raising preflop until it came down to 4 of us playing. I was fed up with all the merry go round raising so I went ALL IN with 2 3 in my hand. everyone else went ALL IN. The flop was A 4 5
then two other cards that were insignificant. As it turns out at show time, each of my 3 opponents had an Ace in their hand and a face card kicker. The hand paid off in my favor even though I went in with 2 3. I was amazed but it showed me very clearly that the high cards don’t always win. It is a game of chance and we all have lucky streaks and slumps. The advice of bankroll management is the best piece of advice for any gambler. Horse racing is another sport that this rule applies to. Sometimes the favorite wins sometimes you win on a long shot. Follow your gut and bet with your head NOT over it. Best of luck to you all. Thank you for letting me contribute my 2 chips worth.

theres nothing wrong with the way most people play here. it is the program .there are people buying chips and there people that dont.and of course they would like more of us to buy.so until we all pay something or we all dont the its rigged or its manipulated gripe is alawys gonna be there…

No, I would argue that’s completely wrong. I will I have admit that I once spent $2 on the first purchase bonus (I have been down to zero since then so I have started from zero in a way), but other than that I have built my roll up just by playing better than much of the rest of the site. Watch some proper poker strategy videos or read a book or two and you’ll find that you almost certainly don’t know nearly as much as you think you do about how the game and its long term variance (I’m not saying that you are a necessarily a bad player, I’m not great by any means either, but you should understand the way that decisions should be made in a non results orientated way and understand that poker is a very long term game). If you want to debate this, you should post another reply on ‘The Fairness Debate’ or just stop playing on this site altogether if it’s so bad. Sorry if this sounds a bit harsh, it’s just very frustrating that the whole of the forums seems to be spammed with unjustified claims that this site is rigged. Watch some other online videos- it’s just the same. The game would attract far less bad players if there were no bad beats, and the game would be less exciting. If they didn’t occur then the site would be rigged!

amazing that in my statement i never once said that there was any manipulation i said that its a program desinged to encourge people to buy chips if thats not the case then why sell them…just for the record i have been on this site for couple years and havent bought nothing either.i was tryin to give an explanation as to why some people feel ripped off…but of course im not as gifted as you…

Communication is harder than people think it is.

What do you mean by that?

Here’s the thing… Poker is gamble…Gamble is by chance…Chance is to risk something in order to get something else. The end result will be a perception of if it was good, or it was not. It is an exact reflection of how life in this world is…Good, bad, right, wrong really doesn’t matter, what matters is…HAVE YOU ENJOYED THE RIDE???

The sheer amount of Straight’s that this site produces is uncanny. It seems very strange, even with over 6 players there still seems to be a Straight every 4 or 5 hands or so. Very weird and doesn’t feel like a coincidence.

I play in real online cash games and occasionally on replay because of the practice. The biggest mistakes players make is.

  • playing way too many hands. Yes because you have a lot of callers you can make looser calls. But try to do it with cards that are same suited and close together as they play well in multi-way pots. This is by far the biggest leak players have in their game.

  • if you do have a big hand raise preflop enough that most will fold and only a few will call to avoid degrading your chances. Knowing the type of table you are at will give you an idea how high to raise. I find at replay I do need to raise a lot higher than in cash games as it is free on there to call. On replay a 10X raise is often minimum I find. If you cant seem to raise enough to get most to fold just push all in lol.

  • Play strong hands aggressively. A big mistake I see players make on replay is betting weak with strong hands. Once again, you really want to charge the trash hands to make the call. For example say you have a set on a board that has a flush draw or straight draw. You should be betting just over half pot at least to give the straight and flush draws poor odds to call and earn you more over the long run.

  • Know when to fold. Even if the pot is big knowing when to fold is really important. Sometimes the trash hands do catch up and now have you beat. Even though the vast majority of the time you will be ahead if the straight hits give up and fold if the action gets heated. Better to save chips for next time, than to make a loose call and lose a lot.

  • know your odds for calling. For example. Implied odds to call a flush draw are roughly one third pot size. Do not chase cards if you can help it as over the long term you will lose a lot of chips and wont make up for the times you do hit if the betting is over odds for calling.

  • Using position more often to your advantage is also an important thing as position at the table is power.

Your exact odd to catch a flush on the next street is roughly 19%. A third of the pot is a 4:1 or 20% odd call. Implied odd is another concept, it means what you expect to value if you hit your draw.

In the particular case of a flush draw it means that you can call, for example, a half pot bet chasing your flush draw if you know you’ll be able to value well when you’ll hit it.