What the Heck is That?!

Looking like a water filter to me .

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Guess again! No filter.

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Never knew that device was so small! But no, that’s not what this is. It’s got nothing to do with temperature.

gazillion watt light bulb?

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Hahahah! Nope. :slight_smile: Keep trying.

Compressed Air Water Separators

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ZEP Parts Washer Filter


Super guess–but: It has nothing to do with water.

Nothing whatsoever to do with water. Sorry! :slight_smile:

Quick: find a friend who’s an engineer and see what she/he says it is.

An air cylinder?

No…but you’re getting warmer. It is a cylander, it has air…

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Some kind of oxygen flow meter?

Regrettably no. But…you’re in the right universe with instruments and meters!

measure pressure

Druck! Das ist wahr. Es ist ein quartz bourdon tube in ein druck measurement head. A high accuracy druck measurement head (kopf?). Doing as much Deutsch wie ich konne!

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Ein Ding vom Dach

Nein. I will give details about this thing tomorrow. Poki wins this round!

English please. Is it a breathalyzer machine?

It is a Mensor Quartz Pressure Measurement Head. It is used inside devices like the one pictured below. It calibrates pressure for any application. This one calibrates from 0-20 psi. This pressure head is an older model. It is an artifact from my husband’s engineering career. He’s been retired a while. :slight_smile: