What? R u givin them away?

The banking systemm realy needs to be sorted. I register for tournys that i cannot afford, prob should keep my mouth shut but you should know that i reg for tourn:146393 it has 450 buy in, 50 fee and 2500 startin chips, the thing is i only had 1490 chips to start with, thought i better let some1 know. Have i missed something cos the banking is slow maybe its me?

I think you mistaken, we try to recreate thet, but I think if buy in 500 ( fee is 50 from it) the actuall tour you start with higher chips, but thet not effect the prize or buy in.

say, this case the tournament play chips lower then buy in.:

Buy-in: 13,500 chips Tournament Fee: 1,500 Chips Tourney Chips 1,500 Chips

or your tour

Tournament ID: #146393 Starts: Nov 30, 3:30pm EST Promotion: Bankroll Builder Added Prize Pool: 5,000 Buy-in: 500 Seats: 6 Starting Chips: 2,500

--------( this should named “Tourney Chips” as above.)

The “Starting Chips” not effect the prize , only the play in tour.

We check it anyway


Hi Goose1, When you enter a tournament, the Tournament Chips you start with are not exactly the same as the amount of play chips you pay to enter it, so a 500 chip entry tournament might have 2,500 starting chips, which appears to have happened here.

Best Regards, Chasetheriver, Poker Room Manager

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Sorry 2 keep on at u guys, u prob have much bigger probs 2 sort out but regardless of what costs what the fact still remains, i only had 900 chips in total but wen i start a game i seem 2 have mysteriously acquired 2500 to play with. where did they come from?? sorry to keep on guys.

900 is called “Play Chips” the 2500 is called “Tour Chips”

the buy in “Play Chips” come and go (if win) from your acc.

The “Tour Chips” come and go from thin air. Only use in tour. The Tournaments need this system, as if the buy in say 50000 , if the tour start with the actually 50000, then this tour would take 2 day to finish.

sorry, but u missunderstood what im saying, i only had 900 in total so how can i start wit 2500? i dont have 2500, so there must be a error somewhere. thanks for the reply but recheck the tourney 146393 i think it was. Thanks Goose

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Still Happening free chips. i just reg for a tourny: 145431. There is no buy in, just 2000 starting chips thats it. So how come i can reg and play when i don have that many, its simple maths. When i start the game u credit my acount with the startin chips. Why? This would be very serious if it were cash.

I think Maricpan is right, you’re confusing play chips with tourney chips. Play chips is the currency we use on the site, which you use to buy-in to tournaments and play with on the ring game tables. Tourney chips are the amount of chips every player starts with at the beginning of the tournament. Effectively when you buy-in to a tournament you’re exchanging X play chips for the right to enter the tournament, or in a freeroll like you referred to above (145431), ReplayPoker itself is offering a free tournament for all players so there are no play chips required to buy-in but you still get the tourney chips to play in the tourney with.

Regardless of whether there’s a buy-in or not, you start with a few thousand tourney chips in order to compete for the tourney, but these’s are only used for the purposes of the tournament to determine the ranking and prizes are then awarded in play chips based on the prize distribution for that tournament, which could either be fixed in advance or based on a division of the total buy-in. Hope that all makes sense now?

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled As long as i can afford the buy in i can play any game. I only have 900 chips but wen i enter a game i have 2500

I try to be make this absolutelly clear for you, you mentioned real money, if real money site.May involve real money help you understand.

How to this work in real money. You got 900 Dollar to buy in, what the site would exchange to 2500 tour chips.

say 10 player, thets 9000 dollar. thets 25000 tour chips total.

so, the 10 player play with thet 25000 tour chips, the absolute winner will win the tour in the end , he will be first placed with the 25000 tour chips.

the other 9 payer have zero tour chips. This 25000 will be not added to your acc, aka , no extra FREE CHIPS.

Now, order to pay out the 3 place, not just the first, the 9000 dollar get diveded in the 3 final place holder (ofc minus the tour fee)

so, the 900 buy in dollar in this site only “PLAY CHIPS” aka fake money.

You see the main reason for this, to able pay out top 3-4-5 user, not only just one.If the “real” play chips would used, the end of the tour, the “dealer” would unable pay out all people , only the 1.

One more you may see better.

If you register with 900 playchips, you got 2500Tourchips, but if you change your mind and unregister, the 2500 tourchips will be exchanged back to 900 playchips, what will be added to your account bank again.

You pay the buy-in, can be 500 chips or 10.000 chips or another amount, the buy-in of all players goes into the prize pool (minus the fee), the pay-out of a tourney is based on the buy-ins players paid.

Than, when the the tourney start you play with the tournament start chips (the chips to play with) , most of the time between 1000 and 3000 chips. Start chips always visible in the lobby of the tournament. You play the tourney with the start (tournament) chips. Winners of tourneys get paid out based on the buy-ins.

Hope this helps. Greetings Happiness.

Got it, sorry people,thats cool now i got how iyt works i feel like a right muppet but thanks for the replies and help.

Dont you worry, I was confused first time, and I know some will be confused by this. We did try to came up with different name system(especially when we start translate the site) but so far, no luck to make easyer…

Anyway, glad you got it too, have a nice play!


marcipan – that explains a lot over the last few years!!!