What Makes You Laugh Out Loud

When was the last time you laughed and why?

@SunPowerGuru made me spit out my drink - waste of drink gutted but always makes me laugh even at sometimes at myself


SPG makes me laugh out loud even when I don’t feel like laughing :joy:. Great sense of humor, wit and common sense. Let’s not forget the hair hahahahahaha, hahahahaha!!! :+1:t2::laughing:


The picture of the dog in my avatar. It’s an internet meme called “doge.” I’ve used it as my avatar on various sites for almost 10 years and it still makes me laugh when I look at it.

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My hair makes me laugh too. Here’s how it all started…

I was at a tourney table and this conversation took place:

Player: NH

SPG: Thanks

Player" Not you!

SPG: Sorry, I thought you meant me

Player: You weren’t even in the hand

SPG: I thought NH means “Nice Hair.” Since I have the nicest hair at the table I naturally assumed you meant me.

Player: Whatever!

SPG: :slight_smile:


Ahaha, ahaha :rofl: priceless. This is exactly what I’m talking about :+1:t2::joy::joy::joy: