what it is really like playing on the highest limit 200 million cash!

The 200 million buying table is very tough, you are pretty much up against the best of replay. Usually if you are not ranked in the top 10 then you will be playing against people in the top 10. I consider myself pro, and even I struggle. Believe it or not breaking even is a good result, and if luck is not on your side forget about making a profit!

Good luck on the tables!

I look forward to the day I can join a 5M tourney :confused:

Where can I find these cash tables?


A) we really need 500 million buying tables.
B) 50 million or higher buying turnament!
c) heads up 200 million tables!


In the same fantasyland where poker pros spend 100’s of hours accumulating play-chips instead of cash.

thank you for the compliment!