What is your worst lose?


haha lol,
my 5 of a kind always gets crushed as well, it’s too easily dominated.


hahahahaa. literally had 2 pairs;; 2xAc & 2xAh

p.s. Was fluffy wearing his granny cardigan and being cared for by “not her real name”


Grandma knitted it for him, but it wasn’t a cardigan, it was a turtleneck. Becky (not her real name) didn’t like Fluffy all that much. :frowning:

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Not to be a wise guy–well, maybe just a little bit–this hand and board are possible if playing with a Pinochle deck. It would have TWO of every rank and suit from the nine to the Ace. In double deck Pinochle, there are FOUR of each rank/suit, but the nines are stripped out leaving “only” 80 cards. It would make for a heck of a poker game; we did it as kids.


I have AJ and the other player A3 Deller was share j4k52 and the win my opponent. The game is Hand #439381384


October 21, Sensational blinds. I had 2 9s a 9 and 2 4s came out in the flop. One player kept toe to toe with me. It turned out, he had 44 in his hand Talk about the bottom falling out from under you.

September Hand of the Month - Discussion

Had some really sad losses today.

  1. I flop ace high flush villain flops straight flush. Later shove (https://www.replaypoker.com/hand/replay/463679791)
  2. I flop middle set, villian flops bottom set, we shove on flop, he hits 4 of a kind. (https://www.replaypoker.com/hand/replay/463682780)
  3. I flop A high straight, villian flops 2 pair. Turn shove. Hits the full house on the river. (https://www.replaypoker.com/hand/replay/463705329)

Earlier today:

Sadly, this hand dropped off my history before I could save it, so I can’t go back and look it up.

I’m on the button, or maybe I’m the BB, I don’t remember, and get dealt A4o.

I limp in. Flop comes, 4 4 something, I think a Jack. I’m feeling very good already with my trip 4s, top kicker. I just check. Some betting happens, I just call.

The turn, an Ace. I’m sitting on a boat, 4s full of Aces. Now I’m feeling really good. I don’t want to scare anyone off again, so I just check. I forget if anyone bet on this street, but if they did, I obviously called.

The river, 4. I have quads. With three 4’s on the board, I’m worried I won’t get any value if I bet here. I make a small bet that is intended to look weak. My opponent shoves.

I call.

He’s holding AA, and had Aces full of Fours.

Now, imagine you’re him.

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That’s enough bad beats for one day, innit?


Yesterday my worst is

After waited for so long finally I got these two poket and i go for all in.

My hand, A A.
Player who defeated me, A 4

Flop is 2, 3, 5

Another one is

My hand, K K
Player who defeated me, A A

Big big ouch lol


All bad beat stories start this way! (haha)


I have been playing poker for so long, there are so many big loses. The thing you should understand is that you will always have big loses, but as long as your big win is greater than your big lose, then it is no problem.

My biggest lose in one day on replay was 1.5 billion!

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thats some good editing… how did you do that?


Turn shove seems pretty atrocious unless you had some specific and very accurate read on opponent. I mean the most likely hand he can call with that you beat is AK which you block heavily so if he’s not calling all in with pretty much all of his flush draws then this is not good. IMHO. :sunny:


Dealt from a pinochle deck, maybe.


PhotoShop. By the way, this would have been a chop, not a loss, but eh. :slight_smile:

You might also notice that I changed all the names and the hand number.

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LOL, 6 of a kind beats 5 of a kind.


yeh, thats so true. But good effort and I really like that Mr. Lucifer was on the table. I suppose once in a life opportunity… Even he can’t help himself but give replay a try. HAHA


this happened at the final table in a tournament up in canada, i think. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XlV3oPCl9kE
robl 9d 9h
lewis Qs Qh
robl bets 8K lewis calls pot 24K
flop Qc 9s Qd
robl bets 18K lewis raises to 42K robl calls pot 108K
turn Qc 9s Qd 5s
robl checks lewis bets 63K robl calls pot 234K
river Qc 9s Qd 5s 9h
robl shoves lewis calls pot 532K


In my estimation the “worst” loss isn’t necessarily the best hand I have ever had beaten (AAAA vs. Straight Flush). But, rather a Full House losing to Four of a Kind when I got my money in all preflop, flopped the full-house and knew the winner had to hit runner/runner for a two outer and then a one outer. He did.

Final table - Poker Stars (over ten years ago). Winner took home $3500. I don’t remember what I won, I was so pissed about what I’d lost - RUNNER/RUNNER for Four of Kind?!?