What is your favourite TV show, programme or series

Mine is …


I’ve been watching it for years. I love the awesome chemistry among
the characters, the plots are rarely about the science itself. but really
about a bunch of people who are friends each with their own whimsicality.
The reason I love it is, because the characters are simply nice people.
It is a ‘good feel’ tv show.


I enjoyed Two and a Half Men but only the episodes with Charlie Sheen.

I also watch the Big Bang Theory from time to time.

Some shows I also watch:

The Peoples Court
American Pickers
Counting Cars
Forged in Fire

I’d say American Pickers is my favorite show. The show is educational and entertaining featuring old objects , cars , signs and collectibles. I find the show very interesting.


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I’m with Tiandra on Big Bang. It is VERY superior to all of Lorre’s other sit coms.
I have to admit that the various Ancient Aliens shows have caught my attention. I was reading von Daanikan’s books back in the 70s. There are just so many unexplained things in the past, and the history of humanity keeps being pushed back farther and farther. Within the past two months, the finding of human artifacts more than 250,000 years old has been announced! In the earliest recorded histories, we already had governments, refined metals, money and commerce including ships, wine, cultivated grains and herds, and a well developed astrological (astronomical, really) record that allowed calendars of remarkable accuracy. How many generations did it take to discover this stuff by accident or trial and error? If a time machine becomes available, I’d love to look at what was going on way back when. I’ll bet they gambled, too.


there are many fantasy/scifi i like but my absolute favorite is game of thrones

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It was over many years ago, but perhaps my favorite TV show of all time is …

Loved the smart writing. “Two Cathedrals” is my favorite episode of any TV show and makes me cry every time!

Lately, I watch too much reality TV, like Survivor. :flushed:

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I still watch the reruns .





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At the moment I am binge watching box sets of this programme as I missed the first two of the series.


It is an incredible story, both funny and a true version of this family as told by the youngest son, Gerald Durrell, who was actually more famous in England for the zoo he created

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Here’s a REAL “no kidding” chain of events:
Mystery owner of USB found in frozen seal poop comes forward: ‘Sometimes life is stranger than fiction’
Mystery owner of USB found in frozen seal poop comes forward: ‘Sometimes life is stranger than fiction’ | Fox News
Excerpt: Amanda Nally, a self-proclaimed seal enthusiast, told New Zealand television show “The Project” on Wednesday that she was shocked when some of her favorite footage of playful sea lions playing in the water appeared on the nightly news. (…) “It was surrounded by feathers and small bird bones, so they thought it may have been accidentally dropped by me, then picked up by a seabird, which was in turn eaten by a leopard seal…” (If the link isn’t live, copy & paste it in a browser to read the whole very short article. Alan25main)

We all watch television and have for a long time. Today with all the new gadgets that have been invented, television seems to still be popular. Only now, we can take the television with us with our smartphones and watch our favorite shows. The question is what was your favorite television show? My favorite shows were Emergency and Adam 12.


The Honeymooners

The list is sooo long.

I stream all the classics.

  1. The Wonder Years (Original series)
  2. Andy Griffith Show
  3. Maverick
  4. Bob Newhart Show (Set in Vermont)
  5. Frank’s Place
  6. Frazier
  7. The Equalizer (Original series)
  8. Night Gallery
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Cheers, friends, MASH …great shows

just like: Frazier < Frazier gets 10 new episodes :+1::+1: :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: (dont know when)

Huge fan of BBT but also Young Sheldon :+1:


( series)

Breaking Bad
Better Call Saul
Queen of the South


better call saul, only saw a few, reminded me of : Lilyhammer

also Trailer Park Boys, didnt like it at first, but lol

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Tunna blå linjen! A series about what life is like in Sweden for police officers


I like to watch Cops and On Patrol live .The reason why is I love to see the bad guy get dog bit or get lit up with a cool taser gun when he resist


I like to watch Cops also. There is nothing like watching a good beat down live. :+1:t2:

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Any Agatha Christie movie or series.

I also like :

World Series Of Poker
Poker After Dark
High Roller Showdown
World Poker Tour
World Poker Tour Alpha 8

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