What is the worst mistake in poker?

Just belive in your self,struggle with that!! Never scared,mayby worst is not to belive the cards! If you dont you never win!!


Worst mistake in poker is bottling it and folding to bluffs against you. Us Brits have got plenty of bottle! You need bottle to play poker.

Comment makes no sense.


My British to English dictionary says “bottle” is nerve or guts. “Bottling it” would mean you couldn’t find the nerve to carry on. So yes, one needs bottle to play poker. :slight_smile:

So, SunPower, if i understand you correctly, you’re saying, regardless of the risk of diverticulitis, the best strategy is to hold’em.

I don’t know that i would go quite that far, but you seem to grasp the general idea. :slight_smile:

Is not to take control on what are you doing xd

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Playing Daniel Negreanu, his a Poker God who knows what your hole cards are before you do,

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From what I have learned, is only call with quality hands top of hands, so many players go all in with just A-K- and lot of players make poke harder to play your game, as it is, I do not like AAs KKs I always lose on these hands lol, and to even get the nice cards takes for ever, so I love playing the -7 or lower and win a lot more, you never know anyways lol