What is the worst mistake in poker?

In a high-low game, the obviously high player betting into and raising the obviously low player. High player ONLY has potential for half the pot, whereas Low player already owns half the pot and can make
a winning high hand as well and take it all


Obviously the hi player betting and raising the obviously lo player as you call them probably has both as in A 2 3 4 5 . That’s No biggest mistake in poker and is quite common taking both hi and lo with that hand . Let’s make them all suited too just for fun :joy:

Probably the worst mistake in poker is to not take control of the betting given the pot odds, how many players are in the hand and your betting position. If you do it incorrectly you won’t be able to maximize your winnings or minimize your losses.


Then that wouldnt be the obvious high hand I am talking about. When the guy with 3 or more face cards showing continues to bet into the guy with all low cards showing

The worst mistake in poker is thinking there is a single worst mistake.


And that would be your interpretation of the worst mistake in poker as the title of the thread asks ? Interesting :thinking:


The worst mistake in poker is thinking is that a game of luck and not skill


Playing while intoxicated ( false courage )…


But the pain of losing is so much less. lmao My mistake is folding the wins and playing the losses. I will keep working on it though. I just wanna have fun with friends.


After some reflection, I’m changing my answer to this…

The worst mistake in poker is not finding and fixing your own worst mistakes.


Again, maybe not the worst mistake but, I think playing when you haven’t developed a sixth sense regarding what your opponents have in their hands based on how they’ve bet and called.


Playing Scared



I cant keep my knees from shaking when you are sitting to my left Goat or maybe that is just your charisma… :wink:

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I think it kills the entire game… :rofl:

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Absolutely Vicki :joy:

I agree. It is remarkable how many out of the tens of thousands of players on this site do not participate in any discussion on these forums with a view to improving their game.

But then they probably don’t want to improve their game. Especially at the lower levels, I think people just want to see a flop and get the adrenalin thrill of winning a pot when they flop a monster, and imagine themselves playing for pots of millions of dollars on television.

Certainly most players in tournaments just play their cards, and do not have any discernible strategy for winning a tournament.


Thinking that you have a straight KA234 and betting big, only to find out it does not work that way!

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Making the decision to call the all in and then moaning and crying when it dont work out for whatever reason

I don’t mind it. It means more chips/$$$ for us who study and improve in the long run!