What Is The Scariest Thing You Ever Had To Do

It was ages ago but i saved my friend from drowning,we were in Teneriffe Spain,he was to drunk,we were 17 years old,crazy,i was drunk too,but he the crazy one of us two,i pulled him up and he start breath again! The sad is he died years ago,he was a crazy person but a good heart!!



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Well done Craige,must been tuff!! Good experience it has been though

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i once charged a grizzly bear in glacier park and scared it off.i was really drunk.


Elvoid, you need to be a writer, if you aren’t already! Had me tuned in…

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Donkbusta, I believe there is a special place in Heaven for those who love and care for God’s creatures. Keep it up!

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In retrospect, it was very scary, but at the time I don’t think I felt any fear at all.

I was a live-in counselor at a boarding school for gifted students that was located on a college campus. My apartment was on the first floor and had exits both into the dorm and to the outside. This particular evening was my day off, and I was sitting in my living room working on my computer when I heard a massive explosion and felt the room shake.

I ran outside and saw students running out the front door of the dorm through a massive cloud of smoke. I pushed through them running into the dorm to our front office, past the counselor on duty who was gasping for breath and stumbling outside. I grabbed the phone, called 911, then assisted other students in getting out of the dorm.

It turns out someone (presumably a college student) had thrown a large firework in through the front door and it exploded in the lobby. My co-worker went to the hospital for smoke inhalation, but nobody else was seriously hurt and amazingly not even the lobby windows were damaged, though there were some burn marks on the floor and ceiling. Our security cameras caught the explosion, but did not record who did it, as they recorded the interior, not the exterior, of the building.

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I’m an avid mountain hiker and I have had some near scrapes in my time but one that particularly stands out was on a hike in the Saas Fee region of Switzerland. I always hike alone and had been going for a good 3 hours many thousands of feet up when I turned a corner and was confronted with a large ice and snow slide that had come down the mountain completely covering the path and a footbridge to get across had vanished.
The idea of turning back 3 hours didn’t appeal so I slowly edged across to the path opposite and noticed while standing in the middle of this virtual avalanche looking up an steady stream of snow trickling down. Me being me I didn’t think of much danger…residue from the slide…right? WRONG! That was the start of another snow dump so here is me scrambling across many thousands of feet upon exposed on the side of a mountain about to be swept down, crushed and buried under tons of snow.
It took a few minutes to make it across and literally 20 seconds later and massive rumbling from further up and then an absolute torrent of snow, tons of the stuff!
I pulled out my video camera and filmed what would have most certainly ended my life.


Thank you! I love animals! They are cool… Plus I had to just could not walk away.

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