What is the most powerful move in poker?

Overtime, I realized there are poker plays that is just so superior to every other play, such that I do it all the time. And as a matter of fact it really is what separate a good player from a bad player or perhaps even a good player from a GRAND ELITE Player such as myself.

Ok everyone post what you think is the two most powerful NL holdem plays.

And after a month I will tell you my two most powerful plays!

hard to say since there isn’t really something that stands out since every player needs a different strategy based on the way they play. and even if you figure out the best play vs a certain opponent they might figure it out forcing you to play different again.

with that in mind, i think i still know of something. since i can’t pick a specific holdém play i’ll throw in a special one:

i think it would be adaptation

as for the second one, i also pick a special one. bankroll management. this also isn’t a specific hold’em play. yet it is a must for everyone to profit in the long term. no matter if you’re pro or beginner. no matter the strength of your opponents. you will fail at some point if your BRM is off.

long story short: to pick just two, i’ll go with adaptation and bankroll management

I think one of the most powerful I’ve seen is the well placed all-in… in the style of Isildur1 aka Viktor Blom

Keep in mind that i only play tournaments…

The first most powerful move is the fold. A well timed fold keeps my chips in my stack, where they belong, instead of giving them to my opponent.

The second most powerful move is the limp or call. Although I’m usually fairly aggressive, there are times when one should let a super aggro player do all the heavy lifting. Limp/call, then check/call to the river and lower the boom once he’s pot committed. This can often be the road to happiness.


WOW I didn’t think someone will get it right!! yes I consider fold very powerful too lol! I have to say that I make more good fold then good calls LOL! anyways you are half right but there is a even more powerful play then the fold!

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The check-raise needs to be there, too. Well timed and executed, it can make your day.



My most powerful moves are the check-call, or bet-call moves. With so many bluffers, a hero-call can make my day, and also increase my stack size.

Also, the fold button is the most important one for me, to avoid getting named as a “calling station”.

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Absolutely. You can hardly ever go wrong with a fold. Even with KK as a starting hand, there could be times when a preflop fold would be the right thing, depending on table position and stack size. For example, you are in the Big Blind in 5th place in tournament with a stack of 20,000 chips, a few more players need to be eliminated before there is any prize money, and a player raises all-in from early position with 10,000 chips.

Now it is quite likely that he has an Ace, and he is going to see five cards, so do your really want to put half your stack at risk, place yourself dangerously close to the elimination zone if you lose the pot, and in fact switch places with your opponent if he pulls it off?

But the vast majority of Replay Poker players would probably call the raise with any pocket pair right down to 22.

Folding is good and you will rarely lose half your stack by folding unless your stack is already moribund.

I folded a big pair preflop in the '06 WSOP Main Event.

Maniac opens 3x from UTG, and the nit to his left reraises. I look down to see QQ, and reluctantly throw them into the muck. Sure enough, maniac shoves and gets called. Maniac flips over KK, the nit AA.

Sometimes, you have to lay them down to survive.

Wrong, wrong, wrong. No-one in the whole history of poker since it’s conception, ever won a tournament by folding. Ever. There is no “most powerful move” in reality. If it were that simple, everyone would do it. Arguably, the boldest of moves, is the shove, (to risk it all) but poker isn’t that basic, it is far more skilled than that and depends very much on the players, the hands, the reads, the chip level and the table position. To deny that is to not understand the processes involved in the game.


Don’t fear the tool of folding. Tournaments used to be a chore til I played 2+ at a time. Noticed Players leave quicker than I realized and Win Percentage moved up nicely. With My so-so game folding turns out to be a blessing.

Playing several Games at once keeps me out of marginal hands. Only have time to play good to great starter cards. Seems to help.

For sure the most powerful move is NOT the fold, although quite often it is by far your best move…calling a fold powerful is absurd.
Showing your cards after taking down a pot can indeed be quite powerful, besides that, I believe the check/raise is the most powerful move.
Having the gumption to lay down pocket queens I wouldn’t call powerful, but indeed displays immense discipline! If only you could when you do that, that would be powerful☺

…show, lol

yeh, I can see that you are a good tournament player. Off course generalizing people is racist and inappropriate, but I think it is ok with poker. Hence I believe tournament poker is all about folding. If you look at the best tournament poker right now, such as phil hellmuth, he greatest poker plays are his incredible FOLD!

I think folding QQ when you are 30bb is not hard at all, especially against an established good player! But there are some players who are just so good they can fold qq with 14bb left.
I remember phil hellmuth folded QQ with 15bb left, because he believe the nit had kk or aa, even though he was wrong that time. But if phil hellmuth can fold QQ based on his read that the nit probably have him beat, and he is probably right like 90% of the time! that makes him very hard to beat!

All-in is the most “powerful” move. It may not always be the “smartest” move, but it is the most powerful. I would like to add however, that at least here on Replay, very few players know how to execute a well-played all-in, and as a result greatly reduce the effectiveness of going all-in on any given hand.

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Sitting down at the table and getting up from the table…probably a toss up for first and second

As I play, (1) guessing the opponents cards (with bit of profiling the opponents) and conversely not letting the opponents to guess your cards and (2) play per stack to bet ratio given the relative strength of the hand, are the two important moves, not necessarily the most powerful moves.

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