What is the meaning of bounty in bank transactions?

I see they have added some bonus bounties in bank transactions following my tourney win. Transaction showing I got 15000 pts for tourney win, then 1800 for bounty and then again 900 for bounty. What is it?

The won bounties are added to your bankroll separate of your potential won prize in a tournament, That is why you see them separately on your bank page (bank transaction)

I do not inteleg.ce they earn here.

se castiga ceva real,money?

they earn some real money

Bounty Tournaments, also known as Knockout Tournaments, award players a bounty prize for knocking out other players. The amount of the bounties can be found in the tournament info box in the lobby.

RP current Bounty Tournaments include the following MTTs:

Bounty Brawl Bounty Chase Bounty Hunter Bust the Staff! Will Hunting