What is so special about 6max?

Personally I enjoy 9max tables far more than 6max, yet day in/day out most of whats available above 1k/2k is basically only 6max.

So whats do darn special about 6max ?
( and why do elite players not play elite stakes, and leave the high stakes tables for high stakes players? )

I enjoy 6-max 10 times more, because :

  • You’re playing more hands, obviously
  • You’ve got way more playability, can balance your range more instead of only playing premiums (although you can decide to get looser 9-max, but that’s risky…)
  • Less players means less donks
  • Instead of only playing against a hand, you can play the opponent way more, analyze his style of playing more easily, get reads on him, etc…
  • I don’t want to brag at all, but skill to luck ratio is way bigger ; you can pull out your skills more easily.

All in all, 6-max on here is just more about poker, that’s my way of seeing it. I encourage elite players to get to lower stakes, but they don’t do it for me, but only due to the fact that the elite tables are never filled (because there are not many elite stakes players…).
Also, there often are filled 9-max tables like Tasman Sea, Hagia Sophia, etc…, but if you don’t find one, just create/get into one, and the other players will follow (you’re never the only one looking for a table). Lastly, if you do this, you’ll get an awesome “Achievement” :wink:

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Yeah, this is no doubt why you already have nearly 8,000 chips in your bank!

Sorry man, I’m just messin with you. I couldn’t resist! :slight_smile:

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Thank you for bringing this up.
I went from 0 to 10 million in 3 days, if that’s not a World Record, …

But anyway, everyone in this forum has been able to see in the past months what kind of incredible poker knowledge I have, with all the posts I have written in the hand review section.

P.S. Down for some HU ? Wanted to play some with dayman but he’s too busy. 2k buy-in though.
Still hate you BTW.


Iono, a few players go from 0 to 3,750,000 in like 5 seconds…
(or however long it takes to process a CC)
So , how long did it take you to lose your 10m, just curious ??

Duhh… a 1:6 rather than a 1:9 chance to win hand, but that means 3 less chances per orbit to attack the non-blinds. Speaking of blinds, you’re paying those more often… So when the cards run cold ( and they do ) you just sit there bleeding out faster.

Just not sure @ValueFish , you convinced me… [input] , I need more [input]

Doesn’t count, still a WR :slight_smile:

Well, let’s put it into context before I get attacked by some guy named “SunPowerGuru”. My main goal was to get top 500 in 2 weeks, or 3 weeks. So, I forgot everything about Bankroll management to try and achieve this goal (this wish was mainly due to the fact that I won’t be playing soon anymore since I’ll be studying, and I wanted to play Elite Stakes).
Anyway, I was using 1/2 of my bankroll in Cash Game at once. I was running pretty bad (variance), and was playing with donks and lost it all in like 2 days. I’m a serious player, I wouldn’t have done this if I weren’t going to study, and I’m sure I would have more chips than @SunPowerGuru :wink: haha !

You’re sitting there with 200 BB’s, not a big problem. The problem is that you don’t take into consideration that less people means that you can play a wider range of hands (less cards on the table means less good hands, seems fair…). So you won’t be bleeding out faster, you just have to adapt to the game format. I see many people who don’t do this, and… that’s problematic for them. Some play way too tight 6-max, and too loose 9-max…

Dude, i was just messin’ with you. I only do this because I love you and do respect that you know a lot about the game.

SunPowerGuru doesn’t care how many chips he has or how many you have, If having more than me would make you happy, I hope you have way way more than me!

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Mate, I was joking too lol. I’m never offended by jokes, I find them funny ; I like your humor, I like you too.
Thanks for the compliment haha, I can say the same about you ; I’ve still got a lot to learn, and am still learning thanks to you guys :blush:

I was messing with you this time, sorry if you didn’t get it. If you would have quoted the “:wink: haha !” behind it maybe you would have seen it, but anyway, it was a joke. I don’t care if I’ve got a lot of chips or not (you’re mostly playing MTT’s anyway), please don’t take it seriously.

You were messing with me, I thought it could be funny if I would do this with you too, but I’m not sure if you find it funny :sweat_smile:

I love you too SPG (even more than my chips).

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Lets see, all Buyins are a range… Hagia is 2m to 6m, 2m / 40k = 50bb … so Hagia is 50-150bb buyin… some others are different…

So no I’m not sitting there with 200BB, neither is everyone else that sits down, godforbid the person who won big 1 hr ago returns and is forced to sit with 12m or 300bb …

ValueFish, I don’t wanna rehash Bankroll mgmt or the debate on how much to sit with… Im trying to focus just on the other issues. I have litterally had runs of 200-300 hands unplayable before, and unlike MTTs… bluffing in rings is sketchy @ best, so IF I follow “the rules” as you said, so certain hands in certain posistions are unplayable, along with normal garbage that shudnt be play’d… its conceivable that you do bleed chips… thats exactly why in MTTs its understood, you have to bluff sometimes, and stay ahead of the blinds, but in rings ( truthfully ) bluffing is irrelivant… you are in a unlim-rebuy ( per hand or in general ) and once you hit, you can remove those chips from play at any time ( of if ur wifi flakes, then replay does that for you ) by leaving the table…

Its funny Valuefish, seems the uniqueness of rings isn’t getting into your explanations. There is a difference between a 6max ring and a 6max SnG/MTT. Its also possible that making just 1 buyin amt, would help things … especially if that buyin was on the larger side…

What Im asking and have been , is… it seems , by the evidence , as you move thru levels ( low-med-high-elite )… the higher you get the more ppl mostly just play 6max not 9max… that means on some level , elite players have determined that 6max is the optimal table size…

I fully expected someone to spew many terms maybee I don’t know, but so far valuefish you havent really said anything I don’t already know, and I am trying not have this end up a arguement… I reallly am just trying to improve… but I also stay away from 6max MTTs and SnGs… plus if just 2 ppl go grey for 5 minutes… you’re down to 4max easily… @least in a MTT the table still gets those blinds AND thats 2 more hands before you pay those blinds again, in a ring… grey’s sit out, thats not the case. They dont pay blinds or are even in the rotation.

You think it might be fun to play SPG HU, if he plays 62o like AA… I’ll play you for 2k any day of the week, I’ll play for more, but you wont like my HU game. I don’t mean this as a challange, more of an eye opener… Trust me, I will play 6-2o like AA sometimes, and I’ll play AA like 6-2o too… And for the record, I don’t like or usually play HU.

I was hoping for a lighthearted discussion on the virtues and intracacies that make 6max so darn attractive to higher level players, thats all… cause all the WSOP tournies I see are 9max, and all live tournies I play/play’d in are 9max too. Yet if I wanna play above 2k/4k, usually its only 6max… and yes Hagia/Tasman run, thats usually the only exception.

Wait, there’s no argument, I’m trying to help you, I don’t get it … I did just talk to SPG for playing HU, it has nothing to do with our conversation, and hasn’t got any indirect meaning. I don’t understand :worried:
I don’t know why you don’t seem to like me, I did my best.

I already answered your question in my FIRST post.

On replay, why do people prefer 6-max (note : I thought you were only talking about cash game but my bad, same goes for MTT’s in some way) ? “you can pull out your skills more easily.” Better players look for the small tables where they can exploit their opponents easier, and as a result win easier. This goes for MTT’s and ring games.

IRL, 9-max is the most conventional format. There are also 6-max MTT’s (6-max cash game is rare from what I know). Pro players like one format more than another, and this can be due to the advantages I listed in my first post, or the other way around for 9-max. I know some pro’s who tend to choose for 6-max MTT’s only, because their game style is optimal in this format.

Anyway, I’m going to stop helping here.


I’m guessing real life 6max MTTs are less popular because they would require the casinos to hire more dealers.


Lol, also, but when poker became a game, 9-max was THE format, right ?

Not true. If you don’t bluff, your game isn’t “balanced”. If your game isn’t balanced, this means you’re only going to raise/play/bet when you have a good hand, and that’s a pretty nice hint for your opponents.

6-max cash games aren’t profitable (compared to “normal” 10-max in casinos) for the houses–not enough rake. So, unlikely to see such a game offered purposely. One may show up if some of the other players bust out, or when a new table first starts, though.

I usually play 6-max because it takes less attention than a 9. It also tends to have fewer all-in-on-any-two-cards players, and I try to avoid high variance games (that’s just me, others love those games). Everybody’s style is a little different; this is a GOOD thing. We are fortunate RP offers that option.


9-handed, I’ll fold about 75% of my hands preflop. 6-handed, it’s closer to 60-65%. I’ll get about as many hands in by double-tabling 6-max than triple-tabling 9-max, while being able to better observe player tendencies. That’s in addition to all the other considerations mentioned by previous commenters.


Yeah, kinda the average, could be a little tighter maybe, not sure what the “optimal” percentages are roughly… It’s an estimation of course from you, would be nice to get this kind of data on the statistics page. How much percent of all hands have you folded Wannabe ? I’m just curious haha ! I’ve folded 73% of all hands, from 29’500 hands in total.

@Sassy_Sarah : I’m almost sure you don’t understand why 6-max is so nice, because you don’t loosen up your ranges (you play the same hands you would play in 9-max). In 6-max you have to bluff more, it’s more aggressive, and have to play more hands. If you don’t do this, yes, you’ll “bleed out”.

I’m at 69%, 33,132 out of 48,293. That’s lower than what I was expecting, but I have a stretch of playing HU SnGs which might be dragging down those stats. I’ve won 17% of those hands, 8,021, implying that on average I’m up against 5 competitors. Would be nice to get a more specific breakdown, though.

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That would be any 2 cards, pretty lose range huh… you don’t know my game ValueFish, nor have you correctly understood the jist of the question.
% hands folded 74% - % hands won 12%

this is pointless, yet again… ( sighs )

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I really like the way you thank people for trying to help you. You’re answers are completely pointless, I’m 18, and seem more respectful than you are.

You can’t do anything with this, useless.

Do I have to guess what your question is, what do you mean ? No, I don’t know your game, I was putting forward a hypothesis. From what I understand, it’s false ? You’re playing looser 6-max, while you’re saying that in a 6-max format bluffing is useless ?

Maybe you’ve got a problem with me because of my conversation with SPG. I like him, I like his game, I think he’s good, I like the way he limps AA sometimes.

Sigh ? Complete nonsense, thank me for taking my time for you, trying to answer your question. Take a step back, and look at what you wrote ; I can’t even describe it.

If you think I’m arrogant, I’m not.

This was a joke if you didn’t understand it…

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Just wanting this NOT to be a cluster…
I have nothing against you, Ty for your orig post.

Catch me on a table, we’ll go play 1 and chat…

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