What is security here?

I am site id Iwant2Play… I am sitting at the 2 brussels table and i click on the chair of player named nano1 and it shows my site id… very nice going 03/11/2012 at 6:11 pm. If I try to send message I am sent to my own profile. Something very wrong is going on here.

The player deactivated his account while he was playing. I think he had the re-buy option on. Thats why he stayed at the table for so long. Because his account was deleted, you get your own profile when you clicked on his seat.

When you clicked on home-page on that name you get the message…unable to find a profile for user Nano1.

I passed it to the tech-team, i hope they can change it, That the account also immediately disappear from the table after deactivating.

Thanks for reporting:) Greetings Happiness.