What is pocket fives tourney

What is pocket fives tourney

PocketFives Open This is the U.S. PocketFives Open, the quarterly community building event for PocketFivers. It’s free to play and first place wins a brand new iPad. Note that the top prize is for U.S. players only. The tournament is scheduled to start on Thursday, June 20th at 9pm ET. Buy-in: Freeroll Seats: 9 Starting Chips: 3,000

As spgodog posted, it’s a private tournament that we’re sponsoring and hosting for members of the PocketFives.com forum community. Registration is only available with the password published on the PocketFives website.

i have registered for pocket fives open where prize is ipad, so are you saying that because i’m in u.k. if i win tourny i cant have the ipad? thanks , lonedrifter

That’s right the 1st prize is reserved for U.S. only, as the tourney is targeted to US players and sending something like an iPad outside the US would incur additional shipping and import tax. But the rest of the prizes are available to everyone, so still definitely worth playing.

how do you get prize

Congrats on winning a hat - haton73! Dan from P5s will email you shortly.