What is no limit royal?

what is no limit royal?

Basically cards 2-9 are not in play so you are only using 10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace. The only flush possible is a royal flush. It’s a very good game if you know what you’re doing. It goes quite slow, because unlike Texas Hold’em and Omaha your starting hand is always good so people generally just call the blinds pre-flop. The worst hand you can have is two pair and even if its Aces over Kings, it will rarely win because someone will more than likely have a straight or full house.

Also a little tip, if the board comes 10 J Q K A and there is no possible flush then call anything or check. The pot will always split and some people, like myself, like to go all-in. You won’t lose anything and sometimes someone will fold meaning you will get more chips in the split.

Not sure if it sounds complicated or not but just go into a ring game and try it out and practice it.

If you need more information about games go to your dashboard in the upper right hand corner is your user name click on it, then scroll down to help and click on it, then scroll down to poker help and click on there. It will tell you information on games.