What is next?

I have been playing at Replay Poker for about 6 months sporadically and decided to purchase the offer of 1 million chips for $10. I am considered to be among the better players and well respected as player at another well known play money venue and at my closest local casino.
Thus far I have only encountered exceptionally loose playing and non-chatty members at the games I am restricted with a 1 miniscule million and change account based on the routine of max 1/50th of available chips per buyin that I play anywhere and am hoping for something both more both friendly and competitive here.
I fully understand both standard play money thinking by the majority of others as well as up to level 4 poker thought and play regardless of platform whether virtual or live cash.
My question based on my experience is at what level of available play here at Replay can I expect more at least reasonable play and at what monetary price?