What is going on with my daily bonus

I collect every day, then the other day(3 days ago) it was back at 500. Today I have not received any? Please help and put me back at 2500, also for the 3 , now 4 days missed.

I also note, when logging in, no daily bonus post! Yesterday was first time. However, after 3 log in attempts I got my bonus. Today again, no pop up advising bonus paid. Would be obliged if you guys could check this ‘bug’ out please!

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We’ve been getting a few messages at support about this, too – sounds like the pop-up is being pesky! I’ve checked every report I’ve received, and it looks like people might not be getting their alerts consistently, but the chips are going into players’ accounts as normal. Give your transactions a look here. :smile:

ehhh… i do collect a good preflop hands every hand and on flop nothing… and it for last 3 days… tech problem for sure.

Why do I no longer receive my daily bonus when logging in???

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For me, its no pop up note, but my bank shows it.
Can you check it?

I haven’t been getting the bonus daily quote but the bonus is added to my account. It’s been like that for a few days now. Hope they fix it.

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Mine will show on account after a few log ins, not always first time!
No pop up at all atm, about the only pop up I want to see has gone AWOL!

Good news! Our tech team is on the case and you should be seeing your pop-up alerts again soon. :smile_cat:

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Can i win my good hands as well? loooool

Good day to all, if you could be so kind to tell us why you have taken away daily bonuses, we count on them… I can see so many are concerned yet I see no one is responding to our question.
So please give us our bonus back and add a bit more for all the inconvenience!
Cathy Jones/aka

It’s always been there. Only the pop up was gone, and it’s back now.

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Got mine today! THANKS for a good job.

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I did check my bank ‘stuff’ and the entries were there. No need to panic (s
mall smile?)

I could nicely live without the pop up blip. The are getting repeticious

Hello first I can not get to my game win I sing in it say play now I get nothing it r to get a hold of you but no one got back to me