What is a player rep?

Ive noticed an abundance of old players now have a player rep tag. Can someone explain what a player rep here does?

They comment and answer questions in the forum, to help out anyone with an issue.

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A Player Rep is a player who volunteers their time to Replay and answer players questions and helps out with any issues that a player may have.

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What happened that required replay to hire so many? Are there that many questions that need answering? Ive also noticed that the ones I have seen have a lot of chips. Does that factor into being asked to become one? Lastly, what does the player rep receive for “donating” their time?

They don’t get anything , don’t know why there are so many lately. I also answer questions , but have no title. Just trying to be helpful if I know an answer to a question posted.

Answering questions is what any decent person sitting at a table would do. Just seems a little odd to me that suddenly there are all these highly ranked players with different color chat and a player rep sidebar. If the players didnt select the reps then I question whether they are a “player” rep at all. Call me cynical but we are living in strange times. Fake news and all… lol.

I agree with you , a decent person does try to help . I just checked , not all have high rankings. I think all one needs to do is message replay if they want to be one. I would be one but , don’t think I would be allowed to [ roll my eyes] or call people morons when they play stupid or ask a stupid question.


How did you find this list of reps? And yes, calling people morons when it is true is very satisfying.

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Scroll to the bottom of the lobby page , then click on Moderators , you will see on the left hand side it will say Player Reps click on that and and you will see the names.

Thank you for assisting the technology challenged. :slightly_smiling_face:

lol… see , told you I like to help if I know the answer. :smirk:

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Interesting list of reps. They have to get something out of the deal. Staff only tourneys with ridiculous payouts is my bet.

I nominate NotTheOne & SharonSmarty for Player Rep Co-Tzars.
I second the nominations.
All for? All Against?
Make it so.

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lol, too funny! but then you wouldn’t be you… nobody wants that

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If you want additional info, you can contact wordy1 on the site here. She’s head of volunteers for RP and very helpful

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as I understand, being one of the newest player reps. we are as everyone is saying to assist those with questions, but also there to play, they ask me to join so I did, we monitor player interactions and have fun just like you all do, in as far as I know the amount of chips we have has no bearing on being asked to serve, just reflect how much we play

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I was simply wondering why all of a sudden we have all these reps. I havent seen such bad behavior that this many are needed. It just feels like replay wants monitors at far more tables than before and I want to know why. So far I have gotten no good reason…

I’m not sure if there is a reason. Like I mentioned, wordy1 is head of volunteers so if there is one, she’d know.


If Im at a table with people Ive played against before and the chat gets a little risque, should I now be worried about getting blocked, banned or barred on replay? Before when we just had moderators and I found myself at a table with them it was my observation that chat would fall off quite a bit. it all seemed less social. Now with so many more moderators Im concerned it may become even less social than before. Replay reps have trotted out here to comment on the post so lets just have the conversation out in the open. wordy1’s comments would be greatly appreciated in an open forum such as this. I have expressed my views privately to replay staff and got no answers, just that they are here to help. So, Ill ask the question again. What do we need all this help for?

A Player Rep’s primary responsibility, from my perspective, is to help answer other player’s questions about the site and the game. Reps also do not have the ability to ban, etc… can just file reports like everyone can.

Additionally, I was not recruited as a Rep out of a need by Replay. I volunteered to help if needed just because I wanted to give something back to the site. I’ve gotten a lot out of the site free of charge so simply wanted to offer a hand.

Hope some of that helps to answer your questions!