What happened to the table view?

What happened to the table view so you can see who is on a table before joining a ring table?

Oh and thanks for fixing some of the problems in the forum!

it’s working fine here…if you’re still seeing that maybe contact support

I haven’t seen the table view in about 4 days. Just a box with the name of the table and open or play table buttons?

I switched to a new computer but the table view was working and just stopped.

I am on chrome. Anyone else having this problem?

Hi BigDogxxx! I’ve just replied to your Support Ticket on this, but we’ve had a few players with this issue so I thought I’d go ahead and post the answer here as well.

If the table view on the right side of your Lobby screen isn’t appearing, this means that your screen may have been zoomed in too closely. It sounds like you may need to maximize your web browser window or zoom out on the webpage to see the entire page.

To maximize the window, click the maximize button next to the close button in the upper-right corner of your web browser. Then, to zoom out, you can hold CTRL on your keyboard and scroll downward with the scroll wheel on your mouse. Once you’re zoomed out, you should be able to see the preview of the table on the right!

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Thanks- my screen was at max but it worked when I zoomed to 90%.

Sounds like your size on that view module may be overflowing the boundary just a hair.

It just started a few days ago. Fixed now.

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