What happened to gamergirl and El-Jog?

Having not played here for some time I decided to check the leaderboard to see who was leading the site.

Considering his meteoric rise up the ladder in 2021, I was expecting El-Jog to have amassed a bankroll in the trillions by now. To my surprise I couldn’t find either him or gamergirl (the previous leader) in the top 10 at all. In fact it looks like both their accounts have been deleted.

Where did these two legends of RPP disappear to? I remember some speculation they were the same person. Did they get banned?

I don’t have any real knowledge, but recall hearing something about El-Jog getting frustrated with ring play (I think he prefers heads up – though so does gg, so I might be getting mixed up here). Gamergirl has always disappeared from the site from time to time for a few months.


Also saw that ImmaFish seems to no longer have an account. Anyone know what happened to him?