what happened in payoffs in lucky 8s poker tourney?3/6

what happened in lucky 8 tourney??? I finished 7th got nothing???

Hi @illhavacoke,

It seems like some tournaments are having issues tonight. I have emailed the support team and I’m sure Staff will look into this and get it resolved.

Sorry for the inconvenience and good luck at the tables!



I just looked at the lobby, which shows Lucky8s still running after 8 hours, and The Mad Express still running after 9 hours. They won’t pay till it ends, though it ended long ago.


Hey @illhavacoke, sorry for the trouble! @Marc978 is spot on here. We had some stuck tables last night, which I just mentioned in another thread as well. It caused a few issues, and while tables are now running normally, we’ll be refunding affected tournaments later today.

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