What happen to all the players

not many in tournaments

We’re still growing, it takes to build liquidity on a poker site. There’s a big difference between a new sign up and an active player. We’re trying to do more to keep new players interested in playing, so over time you’ll definitely see more players playing both in ring games and tournaments, I’m confident of that! :smiley:

I used to play here a lot. Checked in today and there were only three tournaments. Where did all the players go??? It is July 2019. I did find another poker site where I have been playing but I was sure surprised to find so few here today. ???

Mc, I suspect it depends a lot on what level of buy-in and game you want to play. Personally, I play mostly free-rolls, and there are plenty of them and lots of players for them all. Also, some games play less frequently because there simply aren’t as many players interested (Royal, for example).
The good news is that there are always lots of Ring games of the more popular games at most buy-in levels.
I came here after my last site went bust. When I find pleasant players and fair game, I tend to stay put, LOL. May I be nosy and ask why you felt the need to shop around?

Part of it is seasonal. People from the northern hemisphere are out doing summer things. I would expect to see more people from down under, but they live like 12 hours in the future, so mostly play when I should be sleeping.

Are you sure you got it right, there are some 200 tournaments conducted everyday, about 16 running anytime, 1200 players playing. Sometime, it displays only three or four tournaments, you got to reload the page.

I’m not really seeing a shortage of players.

Site traffic went from about 1.65 million in January to about 1.25 million last month.

That’s roughly a 25% drop in traffic since January. Part of this is no doubt a seasonal thing, but either way, there are less players these days.