What Do You Want To Learn This Year?

At the beginning of every year I try to set out a goal of something I want to learn that year. For example this year I made a goal to learn how to draw.

What do you want to learn this year? It can be about anything. It could be something historic you want to learn about, something you want to learn how to do etc.



I think I’d like to learn how to better budget my time. I feel as if I’m constantly caught up in minutia and missing more important things–like friends.


Great topic Marc ! I also try and learn something new every year, like a New Years resolution so this year I want to learn how to be a better person to myself, family, friends even strangers ! So I’m already taking a course In Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. During these Covid times I looked inside myself over almost a year of isolation I saw the changes I needed to take because in the grand scheme of things, life is a short ride so why not make it the best ride I can.

Have the best day you can everyone!!!


Let’s hear it for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)! Super goal, Craig–and guess what? It already shows in your posts! I recently read a book titled The Coddling of the American MInd by Lukanoff and Haidt. Much had to do with CBT. I hadn’t studied that topic since the 1970s. Great refresher course. All the best!

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As my emoji indicates, I’m an avid knitter. But–alas!–this year with the lockdown I’ve probably burnt myself out on knitting a bit, so I’m looking for something to change it up. A friend has been making quilted wall-hangings like the one here. She has offered to teach me. I have very little artistic skill (which is why I like knitting: there’s a pattern to follow, with near-guaranteed results), so challenging myself to create-- independent of a pattern–to shop for and choose fabrics of different colors and textures–yikes! But–good for the brain, to be sure. And I have bare walls that need to be dressed. Here we go, 2021!


Thank you Jan for the kind words!! Reframing my thought process before I speak or act. Trying to be a kinder, gentler , softer Marine is a tall order LOL :joy:

I read your post about the picture quilting hangings, that sounds and looks awesome, have fun and post some pics of those masterpieces please :+1:t2: I’ll be looking for your new Etsy shop online ( what a great idea ! ) :bulb:

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