What do you think about

players who fold when there is no bet…instead of just checking?

Personally I consider it to be bad form…

I personally don’t like when players do that though there is reasoning behind everything. If someone is in a hand with multiple players and don’t want their hand shown at showdown they may option to fold on the river even if there’s no bet. (which is why I muck my hand at showdown if I lose the hand.)



I would guess that a fair percentage ot those people time out while deciding where to check or bet.

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Not only do ppl do as Marc said, fold to avoid showing @ showdown… there are other reasons, such as “you didn’t hit the flop, you got med-crap, you can’t improve really even with runner runner, and you don’t want to appear weak folding to a med-small bet” … or “folding so it influences play that might not occur if you stay wouldda stay’d in”

I can think of @least 7 reasons, but you can bet most of those ppl that are willing to fold to a check, are more dangerous just by still being in the hand, than someone who won’t… who calls a med bet/raise.

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true, it’s a guaranteed less value then checking. if there is a bet you can always still fold.

I remember a flush draw 5 2 diamonds as BB. Smal blind was out and no further hit. I cant muck my hand as I was the first to show. I folded without a bet. Why not. I cant see any bad form in this.

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I carry my lap top around and play, and there has been several times that I have folded when there is no bet by mistakenly hitting the wrong key! :grin: I also cook, clean, etc while playing and I will fold if I have no chance of winning so that I don’t have to keep hitting check while I am multi-tasking. Never thought about it affecting other players in any way.


I do it when I have what appears to be a zero chance of winning but don’t want to get sucked into a call on the turn card.

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All good justified reasons I never even thought about before.

Thank you for sharing your responses.:+1:t2:

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That is not my experince…

as mentioned before i would never do it, but lemme explain this one: some people do this with a complete air hand on the river, even when i will never do this i can understand the theory behind it. but if you fold on a flop or turn that’s missed you deny yourself to maybe see one or two more cards. lets say you have 23o on the BB and checked and the flop is 9h Qd As. obviously this is a board you don’t wish to play on. but lets say everyone checked it and the turn is 3h, everyone checks again and the river is 3s. suddenly your 23o doesn’t look all that bad anymore. besides of that since everyone checked it all around the chances are big someone tries to steal the pot and you will win even more. then there is also the really small chance that if you really didn’t got anything at all you still might chop if both of you have to play the board (which is why i also won’t fold the river)
of course i know the chances are small, but the chances to win when folded first are totally zero, so i rather take the small chance :slight_smile:.
hope this helps.

haha i guess this depends on if the person cares to win.

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Would you agree maybee 30% of players do NOT have “auto muck” on ???
I bet @least 30% of players will have reasons to “fold to a check”…

Bad form ??? not to all those who have real reasons…
Would you say its bad form to not show your winner ???
(ppl muck thier hands so others don’t see thier hand, so for that 1 reason alone, that I bet you won’t in a million years say is bad form to muck your hand… therefore you cannot saying folding to a “check” is bad form if you are 1st to act, thus 1st to show if it checks around … or any time you think you will have to show your hand if noone bets)

I can and did…

If they are folding to a check, take the chips and deal the cards. Whats the problem? Are free chips a bad thing?

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Not in my book thier not lol :joy:

Gimmie those chips and move on…

i can say there can be very specific situations where it can be done right. but i can also say that this is waaaay less then many people here probably think.

first of all many people think about this like folding when you hit complete air. however this is completely wrong to do like this. of course the reason is ok, but you should consider much more to even consider doing this:

  • first and most important is to NEVER fold to a check on the flop or turn. if they check back they probably hold nothing themself anyway, so even hitting bottom pair with your 25o rags might be the winning hand.
  • second thing is that i a have also seeing people do this when they do have something like bottom pair and assuming it’s worth nothing anyway, while in fact as mentioined earlier this btmpr might be the wining hand with no action.
  • third thing is that even if you have complete air on the river and must play the board you should also consider that your opponent might also play the board and you can still chop.
  • fourth thing is that even when you do have this complete rags with a complete missed board you probably played on the BB. which means there isn’t much anyway that your opponent reads but that you havent tried to steal with rags, and obviously can do anyway next time (or should have done by now). if you did played such a hand and just limped in you probably have already done something wrong in the first place.

as you can see in almost all cases folding to a check is just wrong play, and even if you almost can’t be hurt on it, it means your opponent can’t read much on you anyway by showing.

so can there be spots where this is the right thing? probably yes.
but is it as much as most people here think? absolutely not. it’s very rare.

hope this helps. yiazmat.

@county29 ,
If you’re gonna quote me, don’t just quote 1/2 of it…the whole quote was …

You can’t just chop out the “therefore you cannot saying folding to a “check” is bad form” …

Sry, I find many more reasons than you do, for folding a check… its hardly “very rare”.
You didn’t address my point, yet replied to my post… It doesn’t matter pre-flop, flop, turn, river… you are giving away information on your hand/your play, every time its your turn to act, not to mention if you’re 1st… and have to show for free @ showdown… by folding you provide no further information for the duration of the hand… that can be very beneficial to winning !!! :sunglasses:

Well, that is bad form…because I get to quote what I want…and there is nothing you can do about it…(except whine)…

i think we have to agree to disagree on this one.

i do fully agree with you that is almost always better to muck then show your hand. the part i disagree in is that it’s rarely worth it when it comes to a fold when it’s checked to you.here a few small examples to explain my point:

preflop/flop/turn: checking back here can always get you a decent card afterwards if it’s checked back to you. even if they don’t check afterwards you can still easily fold. and if they don’t you still might hit your winning card without even paying 1 cent.

river: when it’s checked all the way to the river i would far more likely steal the pot here and probably win because they won’t have anything either because they would have bet themself if they did.

there are only 2 circmstances i could think of where i might consider doing this:

  • when checked the BB or limped the SB in a family pot with air in first position. this because you can only win by bluffing a complete table away, which will obviously rarely happen. but when the situation is right i might even consider a bluff here.
  • same situation with less people but one (or more) of then is a extremely loose calling station. same reason here. if there is only one person i would also consider checking because he might also play the board, of course this also depends on the board.

don’t know if this persuades you but at least you get an idea of the theory behind it why it’s rarely a good idea imo.
of course i agree that it’s best not to show if given the chance, i just don’t think it’s worth the cost you have when folding to a check.

gl and have fun :slight_smile: