What do you believe?

Remember, in the human mind, everything we believe is something we have made up ourselves or borrowed from someone or somewhere else. I think we are empowered by adopting those beliefs that ring true to us and support us in whatever it is we wish to create in our own lives, whether we make them up or borrow them from some source or person. Take from him or her what you find valuable for yourself and leave the rest. After all, we all are making it up as we go along anyways. If we realize that a belief we have been holding onto no longer supports our best self or objectives, then change it! Create or adopt a belief that works for you. And yes, I made all this up too. UBU!


I believe in God, the United States Marine Corps and I believe in me. I am the person that controls my destiny. All my life I have been gathering the scraps of knowledge that I can and my desire to succeed has made me who I am and what I believe am I can honestly say that I am a good well rounded human being. Sure I skirt the law but who among us hasn’t.

I suffer from PTSD since I was 18 but that’s the price I was willing to pay to defend my country and our allies for a better future for my family.

I keep it in check and suffer in silence on some days but on those great days I pay it forward 1OX over. If I can pass on knowledge of life I do so, if I have no answer to a question I will say so. I believe each and everyone of us have a good moral fabric. Find the goodness in you and share it .

Someone will appreciate it . :heart: believe in yourself as I believe in you. Without that hope we become extinct.


Nicely stated cra. It sounds like these beliefs you have chosen and the declarations that flow from them, have supported you and enhanced a productive life experience. As a veteran Army officer, I would suggest that your time for suffering will end when you let it go, but hey, that is just the way that worked for me.

I noted your belief: " I believe each and everyone of us have a good moral fabric." I have one somewhat similar, “I believe that one of the basic desires of each person is to be loved and accepted unconditionally just the way they are.” That belief helps me go a very long way towards connecting with other people.

Thanks for the reply. Nice to meet you.


I’ll tell you what i don’t believe and that’s everything i see…especially here lol


You skirt the law Craig. I find that hard to believe…hehe :slight_smile:

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I believe… we are here for a very short time… and gods beauty… around us… is a lot to take inn…

I believe in miracles

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An oldie, but goodie. Fun to realize that the words I carried in my head are not the words at all!!

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Interpretation and realization are sometimes entwined. Enjoy the mystique…:blush:

Welcome to the Grand Illusion!
Don’t be fooled by the radio,
The TV or the magazines
They show you photographs of how your life should be
But they’re just someone else’s fantasy.
So if you think you’re life is complete confusion
Because your neighbors got it made
Just remember that its a grand illusion
And deep inside we’re all the same.


Great Song :+1:t2:


I believe my brother Craig Anthony will bust Phill Hellmuth in this years WSOP!


You got that right bro because I believe in me :+1:t2:

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I want to express my surprise, even astonishment, at reading your statement: " We don’t control what we believe." Surprising to me because from my perspective, we adopt into our belief system everything we believe. We choose whether to believe something to be true, or not. No one makes that personal choice for us.


And this is because we have what is called “ free will “ :+1:t2: and no one can break that except for us . It is the individuals choice in what to believe.

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I believe in a woman’s right to choose – and I also believe that every state can create its own reasonable guidelines to protect viable fetuses. I also strongly support and defend your right to believe whatever your heart or values or religion tell you to.

“But if every time MEN had sex, even if forced upon them against their will, they risked death, life-long physical disability, social shunning, a life-altering interruption in their lives, education and career and the sudden life-long responsibility for another being often without the personal or financial support of the person who created the pregnancy, I think they would expect to have some say in the matter.” (Adapted from Jean Yoon)

I also believe that if, as a society, we really did care about protecting innocent lives we would focus on those already born. Firearms are the #1 cause of death of children in this country – and have been for years. Enacting reasonable gun control laws (universal background checks and outlawing weapons of war) should be our major focus. Pronouns and drag shows haven’t killed anyone – AK47s have!


MC, you speak words right out of my heart.

I was thinking the other day that we all have the personal right to choose what goes into our own body. What we eat, what medications or vaccinations we ingest or inject into our own body, what microchips we choose to insert or implant. I think most people concur that this is a basic human right because no one else, society, government, relative or physician, can or should, make that determination for us.

So then, we all also have the personal right to choose what comes out of our own body. When it comes to creation, it is up to the mother whether to birth a baby into the world. She is the one who is responsible and accountable for this decision. This decision has nothing to do with men other than they may have a preference or an opinion; but the decision itself is not their choice nor their birthright. Men do not have that responsibility. Whether to give birth to any child is a basic human right of every woman because no one else, society, government, relative or physician, can or should, make that determination for her. Forcing that choice upon any woman is a violation of her personal autonomy and her basic human right to make that decision for herself.


@MCcats @1RainbowBear . Bravo !!! Some powerful words right there.

Speaking your truth. Bravo :raised_hands:t2:

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It’s easy enough to test.

Pick something in which you don’t believe and choose to believe it instead.

For example, choose to believe that the earth is flat, or that the moon is actually a giant meatball.

Let me know how that goes for you.

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Simple, if you choose to believe the earth is flat, or that the moon is actually a giant meatball, then you do believe that. However, if you don’t choose to believe either of those things because you think they are absurd to you, then you don’t believe it. No mystery here.

Example: Some people think Donald Trump is a savior, I think that is absurd so I don’t. But they do believe that because they chose to believe that, not because they didn’t have a choice.

A logical fallacy is a statement that seems to be true until you apply the rules of logic. Then, you realize that it’s not. Logical fallacies take on 15 different forms (yours being one of them) and can often be used to mislead people – to trick them into believing something they otherwise wouldn’t.

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