What do i need to do to play

I am anxious to play cards. Let;s get this party started.

I’m ready and waiting

Please, no more questions!

Did you use the code you got per email to activate your account?

You aslo have the flash software Adobe? See our help page, and there FAQ http://www.replaypoker.com/help/faqs

Solved, he is playing

When you lost your chips (or if you have less then 500) you can get new free chips.

Click on the button “Get Chips” , the bleu one on top of the page On that page you can see how you get free chips.

But each time you got free chips, the timer increase 10 min.

That timer reset every day at UTC00.00 , so you can get new free chips every day.

And at midnight (your own time zone) you get your free bonus. If you log in or if you are playing ofcourse:)

Have a nice day. Greets Happiness.