What character trait would you most value in opponents?

What character trait would you most value in an opponent?

If you could choose only one character trait of an opponent–and, no, you can’t pick “loser”–what would it be? I know some players here value chattiness above all others. Or, conversely, the lack of this characteristic takes away all your fun playing against that player?

There isn’t any right or wrong answer here, just a question about what you want to help you enjoy the game regardless of whether you win or lose. I’ll put my answer below, but fuzz it out. Try not to let other people’s opinions sway yours.

Good Sportsmanship would be my answer. I don’t mind losing anywhere near as much to a player I respect than I do losing to disagreeable one.

Friendly, courteous, but not overpowering with chat. A player you look forward to meeting at the table.


The desire to learn.

I sometimes wonder about people who never ask “why?” when they encounter something different and potentially intriguing. These are the same people who continue doing something inefficiently or ineffectively because “that’s the way it has always been done”.

To me, learning new things and continuous improvement is kind of the point of this whole experience we call life. It doesn’t matter if you’re a senior citizen or already an expert at the subject material; there’s always something new.


The ability to fold to a total bluff with top pair.

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Recklessness. :smile:

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I love having a maniac at the table with a really over the top betting frequency. That creates a lot of volatility of course, but it’s also fun, and I think they tend to create a lot of opportunities for creating an edge. So I suppose the trait is: bets big far too often.

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