What can ya do with this?

except for a couple of hands, midway, I led the tournament the entire time I was in it. after i doubled 2nd place’s chips, I tightened up, but still increased my lead from winning the hands i did open.
Then the final table starts, and the seat to my left is pushing 75% preflop, and 100% of the hands i open.


This is kind of a vague question. Payouts, V’s stack size and stack sizes of the other players at the table are relevant and should all be considered. With what you’ve offered up here I would just say if you’re having to fold to a villain who is shoving over 100% of your opens and 75% over all then you’re probably opening too many hands or you’re not calling off wide enough.



Sux to be out of position. Stack sizes would be relevant. If what your saying is correct & not exaggerated: fold more, open less or almost never, limp or min strong hands your going to play all in with and call or ship it. You might be able to also catch another player trying to play weak Vs villain. Stack size is relevant for pot odds & exploitable play. Players will prob get frustrated & make a mistake. You will need to gamble at some point - get it in good. You will need to keep in mind other players whilst trying to out play villain hence stack size. Others will be obviously trying to outplay villain too. Try to exploit others & make sure not to get exploited etc multiway. Being out of position there is a high chance you’ll need to get in a multiway pot.

Reminds me of an old Legends Tournament Gus Hansen played and basically did similar. If I remember correctly he was low in points and needed to finish 1st or close to so as not to be eliminated from competition. He had nothing to lose & jus ran over the table - everyone jus kept folding. Worse yet everytime someone took a stand, they almost always had slightly better at least and still lost.

I’ve won & lost big pots taking it up against AGRO villains taking a bullet from short stack to take out the most wanted for a net gain AND have been unexpectedly blindsided by deep stacks taking out myself & villains bc I was distracted by villain & let myself get exploited.

sorry, i didn’t post the last two hands i played.
i know bad beats happen, but not sure what the strategy was. is it possible that hoping for a lucky draw was the goal and i was just in the wrong place at the wrong time?

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the first one i can accept. KJ is not as strong as it looks, but the second one tilted me a little

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Hand #608509285

You were unlucky. Good call. You cant play any better than that. Thats poker.

I’ll watch 2nd hand tomorrow. GG

Sorry waidus, I can’t edit my first response!

When I say that you got it right, I mean that KJ is not as strong as it looks. Hopefully that’s obvious from the rest of my comment but clarity is always a good thing :slight_smile:


Hi waidus,

I think you got it right with the KJ. Based on what we now know, I gave the villain a shoving range:
88+, A8s+, K8s+, Q8s+, J8s+

That’s a bit of a loose range to shove with but everyone has their own ideas :slight_smile:

The thing is, even against that loose range, you have 45% equity to his 55%. If we assume that he’s shoving every playable card (67% of all card combinations), you’re still only 58% equity. Probably worth calling in a ring game but I’d be very hesitant in a tourney.

I can’t believe the villain shoved with those cards in the second hand! However, he did have a significant stack advantage over everyone at the table so losing wouldn’t kill him and winning would put someone out. He’s gambling that he’ll only get one caller at most with a chance of putting that player out of the tourney. I’m not sure that I agree with his line of thinking but I can see how it would make sense to a special type of person!

Against his presumed range from above, you had 58% equity with a chance to double up. If we again assume that he’s shoving a stupidly wide range, which he obviously is, your equity goes up 67%.

Shoving back was definitely the right thing to do.

The difference between the 2 hands is the maximum equity you can realise based on his range. In the first hand, you couldn’t realise any more than 58% which, as I said, is a bit risky in a tourney. In the second hand you might realise anything up 67% equity.

Hope this helps

Yeah obviously AKs is a no brainer. And yea im a lil TILTED too lol

Really bad luck. I usually blame the dealer like Hellmuth. Frustrates me when the dealer rewards BINGO


If we are being realistic, based on OP waidus made the villain doesnt have a range. Ranges are good for putting reasonable play & players on hands. Open shoving 75% & 100% ship 3betting (which might not be very accurate) doesnt need to deep thought or analysis.

it’s kinda like @theanalyst01 said, it’s different for MTT. Had that been a ring game, I would have filled up, and got my chips back. I might have left for work, or wedding or such.
I don’t have a good plan for tourneys where people put the game on the line, a lot. You only have to be unlucky once, or twice. I guess people would notice you fold whenever your stack is at risk, and exploit that, but at least then, you could exploit the exploit.

I just go straight to blaming replay. lol

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As dayman said more info is necessary to evaluate. I’ve just presumed this is final table?


MTT: Waiting all day for the NUTs isnt going to significantly improve equity & drastically improve your chance to win the game. I will guarantee that folding off your stack waiting for the NUTs and the right opportunity will drastically increase your chances of losing.

This is poker: You cant outplay or dodge fate & luck. Feels like thats what your trying to do.

Yes MTT & ring is very, very different. The call was good. I would be interested if anyone could argue against. You want to get your money in good.

The alternative plan? Keep limping in for 2K and folding to the raise, waiting for AA you never get? or AKs that might lose as it did anyway? If villain had J2o would the KJ call much better? Would that be acceptable? Ahead is ahead: get it in good.

You can talk equity or hand ranges all day & second guess decisions. Your just dwindling your stack away and not winning any pots.

Dont limp KJ if your not willing to call it all in. If another player also called then I’ll almost certainly fold the KJ, but Vs villain your good. Could easily be up against better like RandyPlayer: A9, KQ, AK plus multiway means less chance to win anyway.

You can easily keep folding in a ring game - but you shouldnt. If you keep folding in a MTT you will eventually be a mid-short stack. Now you need luck to get back.

If you watch some pro games you will see many times they will get it all in & risk it for a biscuit. I definitely rather be raising & betting all in and making my opponent call or fold BUT you will also need to make some tough calls too.

I’ll go watch some hands and try & evaluate villain. you made a case that he was shoving 75% & 3bet shoving 100% your raise.

Again your focusing too much on results & trying to find a way to outplay luck & fate.

If you make a bad call or play then note, learn & improve. Dont beat yourself up over someone playing agro & getting lucky. This wont improve your poker.

Final table I think your KJ call was still good but your numbers are way off. Your KJ is a SNAP based on what you say but IMO just a good Vs risky call based on FACTS & what actually happened. I saw previous hands so I think its a good & easy call based on that although you wouldnt have seen them.

I watch the final hand plus about 21 hands before. Player was very loose & aggressive at times BUT your numbers are emotionally generated. This is how almost everyone plays poker - free & low stakes. Persuaded & influenced by emotion & irrationality.

Of all hands you only opened once and yes Villain shoved, so 100% getting raised? 1 out of 1 Limping doesnt count as an open IMO. … Also Villain only goes all in 5 out of 13 hands = roughly 40% pretty agro but far from 75%. Or 7/21 even less 33% for all hands before you arrived at the table.

Following is a Notepad DOC. The minus - hands are before you arrived.
-7, -6 -5 were short stack rolling the dice and gambling getting lucky & winning big.

-5 Q7o Call WIN
-4 00 bet bet bet WIN
-4 00 FOLD (hine)
-3 00 WIN folders
-2 00 FOLD (fischer)
-1 00 VV KKK5 win
00 00 fischer AK win (waidus - final table)
1 00
3 1 ALL waidus opens min 3000 Opened once @ Hand #608508437
4 2 ALL
5 3 ALL
6 4 ALL eHH
7 5 min 3000r
8 6 FOLD
9 7 FOLD
10 8 CHECK
11 9 MIN 4000r k7o n call IN
12 10 BUTT call 8500 A7o SPLIT
13 11 ALL IN WIN

MTT: Results shouldnt cloud learning. Many players play great & lose & some play terrible & win.

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