What Are You Thankful For?

I sure will. Thank you for your wonderful message. God Bless :pray:t2:

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My husband is a Vet also. I would have been right there with you serving food, and hopefully talking/listening to many of them. God Bless you and all who have and who are serving for our freedom :us_outlying_islands:


Yes I saw that Sue. It was a great day. Good food, good camaraderie, some tears and I was able to place 3 homeless veterans in temporary housing for the winter :+1:t2:.


Awesome Craig. Roger and I would have loved to join you. Roger could have shared a few stories after spending two years in Vietnam. Would love to hear their stories, good and bad. LIke you said, we laugh and we cry. Did you get any pics? You are a good man, and how nice to find a few a place to live, even if temporary. Who knows what may happen for them next? They are always in my prayers. I wish our young people today were being taught History like we were. They could understand why we always stand for our flag and our Anthem. Why things are Sacred to us. Thank you Mom and Dad and also my Grandparents for teaching me so much.
Also, I am with you on the online shopping. I stopped going out a few years ago. I love it. And I can care for my Vet always. Take care friend.


At least it will keep them alive for the winter and when rooms open up at the Veterans Home they can transfer there.

Yes I have lots of pics but since I found out the other day from Grapevine in a thread that you can Google the forum and everyone on the internet can read and see I don’t want to put homeless Veterans in an uncomfortable position.

God Bless


Absolutely Craig. I didn’t realize that either. Thanks again for helping them.


I am Thankful for these beautiful little people.
5 grandkids