What are the Replay Rules

If the blinds are 300 / 600 and the opening bet is 900. What is the minimum raise, and what would be the minimum re-raise.

If the blinds are 300/600, I think any open has to be at least 1,200… 1 BB or more.

A raise has to be at least the amount of the last bet. It doesn’t matter if it’s a raise or re-raise, it just has to be at least as much as the previous bet or raise. The exception is when you would be allin. You can raise less than the last bet if it puts you allin.

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Sorry, Sun, 1200 confused me a little. Example: (all-in is not in the equation at anytime). everyone call BB 600. Flop comes - opening bet is 900. Can the minimum raise be less than 1800, say 1500 or even less, and what would then be the minimum re-raise.

No, I think you have to raise at least the amount of the previous bet/raise.

The minimum re-raise is the amount of the last raise. You can always raise more, but not less.

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Thanks. Thought that the case but thought the minimum raise and re-raise rule would apply pre-flop as well. Certain I have seen pre-flop BB 60 raise to 120, re-raise to 180, re-raised to 240. I thought it would be BB 60 raise to 120, re-raise to 240, re-raised to 480.

In raising 60 to 120, half of your 120 goes to “calling” the original 60, so you’re only raising 60. The smallest reraise would be to 180, of which 120 is to “call” and 60 is another min raise.

I would just make it 1,200 to remind them they’re playing no-limit. :slight_smile:

Okay. Thanks for your time.

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And after all that. I just played but took more notice of the betting. What did I see but never registered that that is what it’s all about … In the betting window Replay shows what the minimum raise is. lmao

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Well yeah, the software won’t let you bet too little.

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