What are the +numbers (ie, +4, +12) under the register button, to the right of the avatars?

These are dynamically changing numbers but I can’t tie them out to anything. Just curious…

Hi OggieDoggie

You mean the number in the column Friends on the Multi Table Tournament page?

There is space for only 2 avatars of your registered friends there, the number tells you how many other friends of you are registered in that tournament. When you select the tournament, you see on the right of the page the avatars and names of all your registered friends.

Greetings Happiness.

The numbers I’m referring to appear in the box tournament name (ie, “Bankroll Builder”). There’s the countdown clock, entrance fee info, “Register” button/“Late Reg”, avatars for registered players, then the +Number. Thx

Hey OggieDoggie,

It sounds like you’re talking about the Tournaments section of the Dashboard page.

Those numbers indicate the total registrations for the tournament. So the 5 avatars + X number = total players in that particular tournament.

Hope that helps clarify!

Cheers, Lesley

Ahh! Stupid me. Thanks for the answer.