What a load of Rank

Jus kinda started back playin on Replay around a month ago and gotta say Im gettin a lot of grief about how bad my Rank is. Not exactly bothered tbh but I am now curious as to how exactly the rank is calculated. is it simply based on your chip count ? Or is there more to it

It’s just based on the chip count. They have said they are developing a new system (hopefully based primarily on performance, although they should still take stake level into account).

Rank is basically meaningless because $125 buys enough chips to get a player into the top 1500 players. So, don’t let anyone give you grief about it.

However, it can be useful information at the table. My rule of thumb is that players ranked over 20,000 are terrible (or very new to the site), 20,000 to 4,000 are players who are trying, but aren’t very good (or are very new), 4,000-1,000 are potentially decent players (although most are still not good), players under 1,000 are probably good unless they buy chips, and players under 300 or 200 are likely very good. I don’t mean to insult anyone, as many players are casual players, maybe are new to the site, or just don’t play much so they don’t accumulate many chips. It’s just useful to consider when analyzing their play at the table.

Cool. Well I wont be buyin chips anyway . Where’s the fun in that . BUT!!! I will call you out JoeDirk and challenge you to a heads up match . I have an awful rank , you , a pretty kick ass one. So for the craic lets give it a shot . You genuinely seem to know a hell of a lot bout the game and I like a challenge… What d’ya say???

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That sounds great. I am always ready for a challenge. It might be difficult to schedule with the time difference, but I should have some time this week.

The way the ranking system is set up, it’s pretty meaningless unless you know how they got the chips. As has been pointed out, you can basically buy a rank.

I don’t play ring games and don’t play sit n spins. All I can say is… it’s hard to make a profit if all you play is MTTs. It can be done, but it ain’t easy.

Another challenger perhaps???

Let the record show that VinnShady beat me in about 3 hands with a flopped flush over top pair of aces. A series of rematches is on the cards…

obviously you’re just bad for continuing with a pair of aces, right?

I’m guessing it’s ironic and maybe related to other posts but it doesn’t make any sense to present poker like that. What was the board texture? What was the action etc. Anyway, yeah in some cases it’s a bad play in other it’s not. Nobody knows except Vinn and Joe.

For all of my big talk on here, I don’t always play super seriously. There were a couple of pre-flop raises on the first 2-3 hands and it looked like Vinn had hit something big, but we both had basically the starting stacks.

I raised about 4x preflop with Ah8s, and the flop came something like AK7, all of diamonds. I had position. Vinn checked, I bet, and he check raised me. Basically, I pretty much knew I was behind to either a bigger ace, 2 pair, a set, or a flopped flush. But instead I basically thought, “whatever, there’s no way he flopped the flush.” So I called. He again checked on the turn, and I bet again because I thought “maybe he just has a big diamond.” He check-raised me big again (not quite all in). At this point I pretty much know he had the flush, but figure what the heck, might as well pay him off. And lo and behold he had J3 of diamonds for the flush. If there had been a ton of money/chips at stake I would have folded at the flop check raise, but fair play to Vinn.

To summarize, it was clear enough that I was behind, so to answer LeMow’s question, yes I clearly was bad for continuing with just top pair average kicker. But that’s the thing about play chips, people don’t always play realistically, so Vinn did well to keep betting and not worry about scaring me off.

really want to see how they really rank.?play the 1k,5k and 10k games infact these small buy in games are very difficult to win vis a vis to the 25k,50k,100k buy in game.Simple explanation -you dodging atleast 25 donks who willl call and chase everything and dont give a rats ass of rank or poker play.the odds may be 2% on the river he will go for it with his full stack.coming out on tops in these games reallly takes a lot of luck and good poker as well.moreover one does not play the smaller buyer in as tight they would play the 100k as the buy in has not relevance to the chips in the kitty but a good game is what you will get in the 50k and 100k games where the payout generally is top 4 or 5 hence you many times folding premium hands to be in the money.

Yeah, rank is only based on total chip count. You are right, that it is difficult to play low stakes because everyone is so bad; you can’t bluff or “outplay” opponents who don’t know how to think or play. Also, there are plenty of these players at high stakes as well (but not nearly as many).

Those low stakes games have a lot of variance (meaning more luck is involved) because, like you said, people will do crazy things with any hand, but I believe it is pretty easy to win at least enough chips from those games to move up to higher levels. All you have to do is wait til you have an extremely strong hand, and let the donks give you their chips (either by letting aggro-donks bet or by value betting against passive donks).

I, check rankings first chance I get, and assume anyone under 100,ooo “Can Play”, and
everyone under 5,000 is “Probably Good”, but I make “Notes” when I encounter some
good who is poorly ranked, or someone whose apparent skill level doesn’t measure up
with my expectations based on their ranking…

For example, recently someone ko’d me with my pocket 10’s, with their 6-2 off suit which
they called a fairly big bet with - totally out of position, I need to add, and then flopped two
pair… That person had a very good rank, and my note will now remind me to factor that in
the next time I meet them… I recommend making “Notes”…

Which reminds me, I also think we ought to be able to read the Notes that others make,
but one ought to have the ability to block that if one so chooses…

Lastly, when they finally attempt to “Rank” based on skill level, I believe one’s rank in
Holdem should be based on performance/results in holdem games, and a different ranking
for their Omaha abilities… Probably have to pay for that - I’d be willing…

2 nil to Shady in the “What a Load of Rank Heads-Up Series”

Game 2 went back and forth for a while 'till it eventually came down to a race for it all between my pocket 6’s against Joe’s A,9. The 6’s held thankfully

Game 3 coming soon…

I never put much faith in the rankings. I’m in the 6000 range and anyone who has played me knows I am nowhere near that good.

I started with the usual 2,500 chips,Started playing smaller games until I built my stack to over 8 million. To buy chips takes all the fun out of the game. But these people also help the rest of us play free on a pretty good poker site. If I wanted to blow money on poker again I would return to cash poker rooms at the casino.

2-0 for me :stuck_out_tongue: though it wasn’t set up properly.

Lets just say you got me on a tilty day , I had been muted it affected my game. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lets say we start back on good old fashioned nil nil … :sunglasses:

Fine by me :stuck_out_tongue: