Welcome to the forum! Introduce yourself here =)

Welcome to the Replay Poker forum! Our community makes us unique among free poker sites, and we’d love to get to know you better. Share a bit about yourself in this thread — whether it’s where you’re from, why you chose your username/avatar, how you got interested in poker, how you found Replay, etc.

Would love to hear from some of our long-time forumers, too!

We’ll periodically be dropping 10,000 chips into random players’ banks for participating. Welcome to the forum; we hope you stick around! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


My name is Kristine and my avatar is my old pup Chipper. We called him Chip or Chips, so it’s very fitting to use chipsmama as my Replay handle. :dog: You’ll see me responding to your email messages when you write in to Support.

Welcome to the community, and I hope to play with you at the tables in our monthly Bust the Staff tournament.


It’s been almost 9 hours since @chipsmama made this post and i’m the first (It’s Monday, no one’s around). So, as you can see, if you’re new to Replay, the players do not like giving information “tells” at least until a certain something happens at the poker table: They win hand, and you are quick to type “nh” as in “nice hand” in the chatbox before the next hand. It’s a sign that you’re on board with friendly compeition - you win some, you lose some. Its poker.

Ok, enough about the good vibes community :wink: About me. Username: @ChinoD
I’ll tell you my name when you surrender your first pot to me, and then kids, type what in the chatbox ? :hear_with_hearing_aid: That’s absolutely correct! “VVVNH Chino!”

Chino, as in the poker player, Chino Rheem who is not known for his extensive knowledge of poker theory and GTO. He is known for a little head-tilt-soul-read, followed by your chips moving into his stack. After winning a hand, he will often tell some joke/story that no one really understands but they laugh anyway because getting your soul read is not ideal in poker.

My profile has more about me. I’ve written too much already.I use multiple avatars for deception and Soul-Read protection, of course. :sunglasses: Good luck at the tables! Shoutout to my rail. The S Q U A D. @Younguru @Lelaina Lean Back! Also, I am a newly appointed player representative. Feel free to message me about anything. Almost, anything. :wink: Hey, look! It’s Chino Rheem. I guess we could be related. :man_shrugging: < No Spanish-Italian emoji available w/o paying extra. Pffft!



Hey Replay! My name is Luke and I have been playing here regularly since January 2024. I love to talk about poker almost more than I love playing it, which is A LOT. So I hope some of you will indulge me in a few minutes of strategic discourse from time to time :smiley:

I started playing poker at Bay 101 card club in San Jose, CA. Spent about a year losing slowly at $1/2 before figuring out (at least somewhat) how this weird and heartless game works. Worked my way up to $2/5 which is as high as I ever got with my modest bankroll. It was nice when I won a little money, but making friends and seeing a familiar face at the table turned out to be the part I found most rewarding. So years after ending my live cash game “career” I was happy to find Replay. I enjoy making new friends here, shooting the breeze, and playing some moderately bad poker :laughing:

My favorite thing about poker is the way it combines logic/math and intuition. Sometimes you can make a play that is wrong “on paper” because you just get a feeling about the uniqueness of the situation you find yourself in. When it works out, you feel for a brief moment that you’ve transcended the everyday limitations of reason and reality. At least, it feels that way for me sometimes. I get the same feeling when I throw a disc just right, which is why my other passion is ultimate frisbee.

Anyway, I’ve said more than enough — time to go punt. Oh, and remember… don’t be Renkemeier… be Seiver!


Hi there Replay!
My name is Johan and Kondrad my Replay name,Kondrad is my 12 year old cat :slight_smile: I am from Stockholm,Sweden!
I started here in Replay January 2019 and befor that i had never played Poker,only black jack! I played Chess for many years and played for clubs so i fell in love in poker right away,this beautiful game that is a big challing challenge in so many ways! I learnd playing poker my self,i started to read books,watch youtube and games here in Replay and its so many here that have helped me during the years! Thats what i love also with Replay,all beautiful peopel that give so much from them self! I have got friends for life! Its funny what one click can do and you end up in Replay,i am happy i did!! After almost 492000 hands played here and i have still alot to learn to play poker! Right now i think the most fun is to play the leauge games,i am a member in 15 diffrent leagues and i am captain in 2 of them! So if you havent tried to play team games,give it a try! Its a big challenge and to fight as a team for the trophys is rewarding and you get friends! Last i want to say Thank you evryone that makes Replay a fun place to be at!!


started watching poker on tv. learned from watching.
searched for poker sites found replay poker
user name just something came up with. no real meaning


When I came to Replay Poker, after leaving another site. I realized the site was a family based community. The community is so important as everyone trys there best to help others! Providing help to others, with strategies, ideas etc.


Hi, I am Takafusa from Germany and a middle-aged application developer (Desktop, Web and Android). I’ve been playing poker with Monopoly money in the basement since I was a kid(5 Card Draw). Then the day came when online poker became popular, I played for many years. One day, the worst case scenario for play money poker players in Germany came about. There were changes to the law, then all the big providers blocked the Germans and I could only play for real money with proof of age. But as a non-professional, it doesn’t make sense, you only lose in the long run. A few years went by, I got a taste for poker again and went to a casino with friends. I won a bit, which made me want to play poker even more. I then looked from time to time to see if there were any providers for play money poker in Germany, and then I came across ReplayPoker. I played for a while, but I had too much work so I didn’t have time to play poker. Now I have a little bit more time again, I always like to play an MTT.

My username comes from a Japanese friend I met on vacation in Japan. Not much to say about my avatar, pirates are thieves, maybe I want others to think I’m a thief in the hope that they’ll call my bets.(oh i think i’ve given away too much information. Tactic or not, figure it out at the tables, xD)


HI my name is Steve, player name onecardsteve. My Avatar is when I played in the 2014 WPT Amateur Championship Tournament at the Tropicana Casino in Las Vegas. I live in Massachusetts , I play at Foxwoods, Encore Boston Harbor, Chasers in Salem , NH, and The Brook in Seabrook, NH. My bankroll is as such where I play $1/2, and $1/3 NLHE.


I live in Canada, I learned about Txas Holdem by watching it on Tv and wanted so badly to learn to play. I played WPT for awhile but got bored with only 3 other people. Tried some other sites but don’t like playing with computers, wanted real people. Then I lucked into replay and being playing here for several years now. i like that there are so many games to play. Hope to be around for many more years . This is fun!


Hello Replay community, is there a post or page dedicated to organizing poker leagues on Replay? Thanks in advance! - Pomp

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Hi Pomp,
Welcome to the forum!
If you go to the drop down menu on the Dashboard underneath your avatar, you will see the following option:
Click on Leagues and you will see a list of all the leagues on Replay, together with a brief discription and the names of the organisers. Send a friend request to any which you think you may like to join and they will be happy to send you further details and discuss the leagues with you.
Enjoy your poker!


I am crootnik. I have been playing for 30 years. I mostly play live
$10/$20 Texas Hold’em and Omaha with people living within my area in first in Los Angeles and now in Michigan.

I originally learned to play utilizing the “Turbo Texas Hold’em” CDrom that only works with older versions of Windows. It was a very good training/coaching tool. I kept a Windows XP computer in the house, and still have it, so I can use the program to occasionally double check my strategy, and obtain some coaching reminders.

I played on the free version of WSOP recently for a few months, but ultimately I decided I did not trust their game. I moved over to Replay Poker and this appears to be on-the-level.

As for this type of free poker, I have a few beefs, but like it for the most part. However, I do not understand why folks will move repeatedly all-in, pre-flop, with very poor opening hands. If you are first or second to act, meaning you don’t have position, why are you betting $7,000 on J3 unsuited? I don’t care for that and if the site were real money it would not happen. That type of play causes players to develop some very bad habits indeed.

Play like it’s for real $. You will thank yourself later.

I have used Doyle Brunson poker book “Super System” as well as “Small Stakes Hold’em” by David Sklansky and Ed Miller. Both books have allowed me to score some really big wins on my neighborhood Friday Poker games.

Thank you to the site. I enjoy the game here.

I do like this site even if it is play money.


My name is Michael. I started playing Omaha High-Low Split in 1982 at local restaurant cardrooms. I continued with that game for about 10 years. With the rise in popularity of Texas Hold’em, many Omaha High-Low games were replaced by Hold’em, so I began playing Hold’em. I still play Omaha High-Low games when available at larger casinos.

By trade, I am a designer/builder, mostly residential, but I have built or modified multiple mini casinos, including count rooms, which I found very interesting. I’m also an SME with multiple patents at my local university, specializing in infectious control. I am neurodivergent, self-taught, and have an unending thirst for knowledge. The dynamics of poker fascinate me; the mix of odds, probability, theory, and the social aspect have kept me entertained for some time.

I have played on multiple other poker sites but became annoyed by the GUI, ads, and other distractions. About a year and a half ago, I started searching for an Omaha High-Low friendly website. I stumbled upon Replay while scanning the hundreds of different poker sites and have not played on a different site since. Everything to satisfy my curiosity is right here in front of me. It took me a while to navigate the social aspect, but one player reaching out to me opened up everything this site has to offer. Now, I spend a lot of my time sharing my knowledge of this site and how to navigate it with new players I meet. I organize multiple private leagues here and Replay staff have been a big part of my journey helping me help others.


Hello my name is Mark and I’m a… oops wrong forum.
I took up poker in the early 2000s while flat on my back recovering from a back injury, playing holdem online at full tilt, I eventually became ok at it but never great, I also discovered and learned the other poker games via the free rolls.
After a while I pretty much gave up holdem and mostly played mixed games tournaments. I then moved to pokerstars as they offered many different mixed game tourneys. After a few years I gave it up completely, until 19 years later I took a notion to play again. Strangely I never gave poker a thought during the covid lockdowns when it probably would have been the most use to me, when climbing the walls with boredom.
I was about to re activate my pstars account which I was amazed to find still existed, when I noticed replay on a Google page.
I thought it would be a good place to get started again, but after a while realised it ticked most of the boxes for me and am still here, I have made some nice pals and am quite content :slight_smile:
In my real life I support people with addiction issues with housing needs, poker is a nice escape from reality for me.
I put quite a lot of effort into improving my game when I first started and became quite obsessed, but these days am happy plodding along, win some lose more sort of thing. My work schedule does not really allow me to take part in team games leagues, etc. which is a shame.
I live in Edinburgh, Scotland. I am planning a long trip from October this year so my profile country flag may change as I go globetrotting.
Cheers to replay :+1:


Hello all! I enjoy playing poker for fun and enjoy watching how the hands unfold. I learned to play Texas Hold ‘em with a bunch of good friends and their card loving families. I’ve never been particularly skilled at it, but even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while. I do best if I just dig in and hold ‘em!


Hello @ChinoD!

I appreciate you a lot for responding first. We’re happy to have you as our Player Rep and thanks for giving an insight on what new players can expect in Replay. :heart:


Hi Luke! @Younguru

I love what you said on how a play could be wrong on paper, but when it works out, there’s really nothing like it. Thanks for putting into words how it feels for most of us. :heart:

Hello Johan! @Kondrad

We love hearing how Replay became part of your poker journey, thank you for sharing. :heart:

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