Weird hand - nut flush vs. straight flush

A man who’s convinced he’s about to die will often find a way to make it happen.

Playing 6 handed at the 100k table today this happened

It limps to me in the bb and I have A10 suited with 2 opponents in the hand. With 100% frequency I should be raising in this situation. But I have a weird feeling of dread come out of nowhere and decide to take a free flop.

I flop the nut flush and my sense of impending doom amplifies. A straight flush is very unlikely here but, I just feel like something is about to go terribly wrong. I check and the opponents both check.

The turn brings 4 to a straight flush on the board. At this point I’m done with this hand. My premonition has come to pass.

But both opponents check again. I must be good now. Nobody checks here with a straight flush, right?

The river changes nothing. I tell the voices in my head to shut up and put out a reasonable river value bet, hoping to get called maybe by the Kc or Qc. I get massively raised. I’m pretty sure he has the SF now, but I call because I’m a curious fool and of course he has it.

What’s weird about this is had I not had any psychic premonitions I would have raised preflop and IronDome would certainly have folded his 104o. And had he called preflop he would certainly have folded on that flop. Or maybe he would have called down and I would have gotten wrecked worse than I did. Did I lose the minimum or the maximum? This is going to keep up at night for some time.

Freak occurrence. Very unlucky. Incredible how utter trash like unsuited ten and four can turn into an absolute monster. Needless to say, such freakishly good luck never happens to me.

What’s surprising to me, perhaps more than the actual result, is that IronDome (rank 41) actually played unsuited ten and four. Did he press call by accident?

Interesting hand, you say that you were worried the whole time, but wouldn’t you have bet for protection if you were worried? If you raised pre or bet the flop you may have won the hand. Your caution seemed to have lost you chips if I am correct

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A protection bet would have made sense, especially after the flop. I very rarely try to trap someone or slow play hands. My intuition at the moment which I can’t explain was just to put as little money into the pot as possible. Everything about the way I played this hand was bad poker.

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This hand just went down, at considerably lower stakes than you’re playing at.

At a 4-seat table, I have A5s in the UTG/CO seat, and open to 3BB, and get one call, the BB. Four-seated tables are funny, because position is almost meaningless, but I do have position on the BB in this hand, but I’m first to act after the blinds, and 2nd last to act next to the Button, so am I early or late? Kinda both; it’s almost meaningless.

Flop 23K, giving me a nut flush draw with a gutshot to the wheel straight flush. V bets into me, overbetting the pot, about a 1.3x bet. It’s only 900 into 600, and I’m deep stacked enough not to be intimidated, I want to see if I can fill one of my draws, so I call.

Turn card is the 4, giving me the straight flush. V barrels again, this time for 100 over a pot size bet, 2500 into 2400. Having made the absolute nuts, I raise. V re-raises, and I take a moment and then shove. V considers, and calls, flips up K7o with the King of hearts, they had top pair, drawing to the 2nd nut flush, and are of course drawing dead.

In my experience, my “funny feeling” hands generally do end up seeing something “funny” actually happen. It usually happens when I get some nice cards and can’t fold them, but there’s a feeling that accompanies them like I’m doomed. The flip side is when I get a “lucky” feeling with some junk and refuse to play my hunch, fold it, and end up watching it make the nuts. It seems like I’m fated to call and experience the doom, and prove that it’s real, but I don’t believe in my lucky hunches, and get screwed both ways. It’s gotten to me enough that at times I’ve sworn off the game, because it can psyche me out. I don’t want to play a superstitious game, I want to play fundamentally sound poker, but if I listened to these hunches more, I’d probably lose less chips.

In this hand, I actually did have a bit of a feeling before calling the flop bet that I was going to hit the straight flush draw, and sure enough it did happen. It’s a one card draw to fill it, so very unlikely to make the best possible draw, and obviously I had a lot of other outs – any Ace, any four, any heart, so it was a really good position to call an overbet and see another card.

Interesting hand. It looks like the villain was just pure punting. I can’t even make sense of them 3betting the turn with 1 pair and non nut flush draw.

I’m sure V felt like they had a strong draw with the second nut flush + top pair, and you never expect to see a straight flush in this situation; he probably figured I was either on a draw, or maybe had a better king with a worse draw, and by being aggressive he could get me to give up. I just happened to have the exact hand he had no chance of catching up to. There were a lot of other Ax-hearts hands that he could have been up against, too, plus flopped sets of 222s or 333s, but it’s pretty bad luck to run into any of them.

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I had a situation several months ago, I had a pair of A’S, on the flop I got 2 more A’s, the betting was good, and of course I upped every bet, the river turned and a player bet 1 mil, so I upped another, he went all in, and so did I, Over 4 million the pot, he won…I thought WTF, he had a random flush, and he won over 4 A’s, the language on the table from the other players was to say the least, not very good towards RP.
I was so pee’d off I didn’t play for weeks. I have tried to find the hand, but gave up in the end, it was just taking too long. I’ve calmed down now, but am still angry at the way RP pay’s out hands.

You must have mistaken. There is never a wrong pay out in RP. The aces you saw on the flop must be the residual cards from the previous deal, a known bug, they are still trying to rectify. You probably had two aces or may be a trip against his flush. If you remember at that deal open cards dealt should have been more than five.

When first reading this thread, I was pretty sure I had been on both sides on this hand, but with a smaller straight flush. I went to the best hands list, but Q high barely made #10, so no luck. I remembered thinking it must suck having the nut flush, with an unpaired board, and lose. I also have a maybe memory of finding out firsthand.
Poking around the list, I did find this…

I’ve never lost with the second best hand in poker, but it doesn’t seem like it would be that unusual, considering the millions of hands played on replay. First time I ever heard the phrase was talking with puggywug about a different hand…“They don’t call it the butt end of the straight for nothing.”

edited to add: Don’t let this post fool you. I hate ‘4 to a flush’ boards. I don’t need to keep precise records to know they’ve cost me much more than I’ve gained.


Play enough hands and you will see it all. Life-long player and former LV poker dealer.