Website freezing

why does the website freeze up on me when i start a game,like i play the tournament for 40 mins or so then i would have to close the website an then go back to it

I have found right clicking causes some really weird and disruptive behaviors. Also multitabling causes some issues. Any more info as to what you are doing when the crashes happen?

i havent been doing anything at all

We’re not aware of anything specific causing trouble right now, but we are investigating a memory leak which may be related. Which is to say, it’s possible that restarting is clearing out the memory, which causes it to move a bit more speedy once more!

If you notice any patterns or other symptoms, please feel free to let us know, or email into support for assistance.

Just to add to gatzby’s comments… by memory leak, it means that if you leave the website open in your browser, it will slowly consume memory. Not a problem if you close the browser tab from time to time, or you’re playing a quick game, but if you have it open for long periods of time, eg. hours and hours then it could cause problems, especially if you don’t have buckets of memory. We’re working on fixing this though, it’s not a new problem, but we think we’ve found the culprits and should be releasing a fix later this week.

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This has only started the last few days, On ring tables, another player clocks seems to stop, and in a second or two it will start back up but I am timed out when it gets to me, what is up