Website bug: bankroll wildly fluctuating

Something screwy is going on with my bankroll. I have around 26.8M in chips, but the amount being shown at the top of the page is fluctuating wildly, changing every few seconds.

When the amount drops below the amount needed to register for a tournament, the site won’t allow me to register without adding chips.

Something clearly is going wrong with the site. I don’t know how many others are seeing this, but I hope it can be resolved quickly, and our bankrolls reflect the accurate value that they contain.


Here’s a screen cap of my latest bankroll transactions; note the total reported at the site header, in all of the images I’ve posted in this thread.


Lots of weird stuff is happening. You are not alone.


Yea mines going between 53 chips and 223,000,000 lol

same with me. my bankroll changes very drastically and I not playing any games at all. also got a notification thing, but was no new notification. also said I unlocked a reward when I already had it unlocked…

I was up to 9 billion at one point, but then dropped down to 733. But I’m learning to accept variance as part of the game, and will ride it out.


Me too. All the above. And I am also getting pop ups that are intended for other Replay players.


I’ve just reported this to Support at Replay Poker. Didn’t look here first to see that others are experiencing the same thing: Tournaments popping up, awards popping up, as well as chip stack fluctuating.


Thanks for reporting this, everyone! I’ve checked in with our tech team and they’re working on a fix. Please note that your chip balances are fine – it’s only a display error.


Hi guys! Me too, apparently my table is ready for the small stake tourney that I did not enter.

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Jep same here…

I am also getting continuous notifications about achievements I already reached months ago.
And information about my tourny starting right now - I never play any tourny btw… :slight_smile:

I think it’s stopped now.

that was entertaining. watching bankroll go up and down lol.

@fizzymint it does affect my ability to register for a tournament if I’m currently displaying fewer chips than the amount needed to buy-in, I can’t register. I can wait a few seconds and register when my displayed balance is above the buy-in though. The history of transactions in my Bank page is still accurate.

Thank you, fizzymint

hope they are not finished with it yet…I am down to 4 chips lol

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it displayed 22 million + for me at one point, lol. it also displayed 4 chips.

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I did get up to 9 billion at one point then dropped to 2500 then 4 and stuck there

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Beats me, i only went between 0 and 330,000,000 it seems fixed now though after i left the site and came back.

my bankroll is displaying correctly, but been nice if I had the 22 million +