We need whales and highstake turnament!

A) we need more whales at the high stake tables. At the 100 million and higher stakes the same face is seen over and over, we need more whales! Please sell higher chip package!
B) we need high stake tournament! Please offer 100 million buy in tournament!
C) we need 500 million buy in cash tables.
d) 200 million heads up tables!

I love tournament, and in all honesty I started as a tournament player, my tournament skill is superb, but it is just not worth while playing in any of the tournament. 5 million buy being the current max is just too low, its not worth my time.

The actions at the highest stake is drying up, I am tired of playing against the same people, its no fun, we need whales. If you go to any real high stake tables at las vegas, its usually 5 pro and 2 whale. Its more realistic that way!

200 million is just too small a amount now, I have way too much and 200 million no longer feel exciting as it once were. Please add higher amount

I think you guys made a mistake, why is there no 200 million heads up table?

There can’t be whales because they would lose so fast and not make it to the high stakes. If replay let someone buy 10m, they wouldn’t make it to your stakes. If they bought 100m they would last about 10 minutes. If they bought 500m they would last a few hours, but after a week of that you’d have 25b and be bored again. Whales are not fun to play against unless you are winning real money.