We Need HTML5 Beta Testers!

A few “lessons learned” for new testers:

  1. Many (most?) players will want to filter the chat to “Players only.” Otherwise the dealer’s and action dialogue scrolls by so quickly it’s difficult to read what anyone has said (like “nh” or “good luck,” or even real conversation).
  2. If you get disconnected while a hand is in progress, hitting your F-5 key usually reloads the page fast enough that you don’t miss acting in turn. Note that on some computers, that key controls “screen brightness” instead. If you’re one of those, close the table and re-open it from the Lobby. If neither of those work, the problem is likely on your end, not the site’s.
  3. When you choose an initial amount to sit down with (say, 202 chips instead of the default of whatever), click the amount in the box and type in the amount you want. You can do the same with amounts to bet or raise.
  4. The cards are a little bit smaller (in proportion to the table). Look closely at them to verify what hand you actually hold, especially if one of your cards is a black King–they forgot to put a suit sign below the “K” (they’re working on that, but it’s got to be a low priority fix). Also, if you drag the table’s edges out (both width and height) by clicking and pulling them, the cards stay proportional and are a bit easier to read, BUT, do NOT maximize the screen as that will cover up some of the stuff you want to see–like the bottom players, LOL.

More as they become apparent.


We’ve invited the next wave of beta testers today, but we’ll be adding more in another couple of weeks, so please sign up if you’re interested.

There will be some upcoming chip incentives for everyone involved in the beta test, in order to get people playing at the same time, which should make testing a lot easier. More details will be sent to those involved in testing soon. Thanks to everyone involved!

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I fully agree with Alan. As a little spoiler for non-beta testers:

Arrrrgh regards mention of cards being slightly smaller. If that is to be the case can there please be an option to provide for larger cards? I was delighted to hear of a rebuild using HTML5 and had hoped we will have such a choice. I don’t know what the ‘demography’ of the sites users is, but i’m sure there are more than a few elderly players and also those who require the same feature on accessibility grounds.

A fresh start to the site should take advantage to open the doors to as many people as possible. Having it as an option won’t affect all those who are happy with smaller cards.

Seeing it’s my first post, i wish the best of luck for the changeover and thank you for the site.


Lotsa complaints thus far on cards being too small…I feel sure it’s toward the top the fixers list (just my opinion of course) :slightly_smiling_face: fingers crossed and go tech go ! : )

IMO, Old look is 100% better. New design just isn’t good.


I love that the players image can be seen at the table…hope this stays.


Is there a way to re-read the announcements for beta testers. If no, can you please post them in this thread as well. For instance I did not note down the time of beta test when play chips are awarded. I do not know how to get the time now.

IIRC it’s 1-3pm ET and 7-9pm ET

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How many hands need to be played?

Minimum of 50 hands need to be played

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Here’s a copy of what was sent narench!


Thank you for being a part of our beta test! As a way to ensure other players will be at the tables to help test, we’re kicking off a couple of Beta Test Happy Hours that will run daily.

Every single day you play at least 50 hands between 1 pm and 3 pm ET or 7 pm and 9 pm ET, we’ll credit you with 20k chips!

Chips will be credited on the following business day (so Friday through Sunday’s chips will appear on Monday).

Here are the tables to look for:

[New Server] Test Table
[New Server] Test Table Holdem 9 max
[New Server] Test Table Holdem HU
[New Server] Test Table Royal

We encourage you to take a seat even if a table is empty as it may encourage other testers to join you.

Please remember to click the “Feedback” button in the upper left of the table to report any issues or comments about the design. Thanks again for being one of our testers!


@GrandyB, @LkLkJubly, @Pageaux Thank you all for the reply.

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you’re quite welcome my friend :slightly_smiling_face:

Still looking for the new version, and the test tables… Feel like I am being left out. Got the tables to look for but no can find …. have on going emails to help me find something to get me started, I am a html5 beta tester . Making me feel really slow…

Gala, you look like you know where to find the tables etc. Can you direct me or get me started. I am a Beta tester and have no idea where this new version test site is, Thanks for any help…DonoHawk

Hi @DonoHawk,

If your a beta tester you should be able to access the tables from the lobby. For example the tables will appear as “[New Server] Test Table”… If you don’t see this in the lobby make sure your lobby is set under ring games and clear your lobby filters. If the problem priests please email support@replaypoker.com as they will be able to help you.


Because My PC is sick, I didnt apply to be a beta tester. ( on a tablet )
Was just watching 1 of the tables, and its far from the screenies
others have posted so far. Im on mobile, and somewhere I saw
that replay was concentrating on PC users 1st. Even tho I have
“request desktop site” checked off, I really hope mobile users
don’t get hung out to dry, because some issues prolly with mobile
that get address’d way down the road might be impossible in
the structure for PCs thats ironed out now… Or will Replay have
basically 2 sites… 1 for mobile, 1 for PC ???

Because recently I encountered a wierd varient, with my mobile OS…
Im curious, there are more different mobile OS’s than there are
different browsers themselves… wouldnt it help now to also have
some deticated mobile testers???


O.K. thanks, they were as you suggested under the 1/2 chip tables.

We’ll be adding the next wave of beta testers in the next week or two, so please fill out the form if you’re interested in providing feedback!

Please note that there has been a slight change to the guide. The “Feedback” button is now in the upper right to make room for the volume slider: