Watch July's Bust the Staff

One of our players, BuffaloPrime, has his own Twitch channel, and he’s been streaming Replay Poker, offering his own commentary along the way! While Buffalo isn’t an employee and we do not moderate his channel (which means there may be some colorful language), we thought it was a blast watching him and his followers play in the tourney. You can watch a recap by clicking the video link here:

BTS action starts at about 50 minutes in, but you can enjoy some ring game streaming prior to that.


Thank you for this, I discovered the BP stream yesterday just prior to BtS and was so enthralled with it that it affected my playing (not in a good way) watching him play his table and doing his commentary.
I immediately joined in and wound up winning 25k in chips from his random drawing… but then realized I shouldn’t receive them since I’m a PRep and gave them back.
I hope that Replay can team up with him in the future as I think it would be a big asset for us.
Thanks again for the link!


Wow, I just found this, but all the screen shows me is a black blank, no link or website or image. I’d REALLY like to see whatever it showed. Ron

Here is a direct link that is not embedded:

If that doesn’t work either, please check another browser and see if that helps!

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Thanks, Ash. That link works just fine. Amazing that he got almost 5–FIVE!–hours of video. Unfortunately, the coverage ends when he busts out 35th, so it shows no final table action. Still a great concept and wonderful publicity for Replay. Thanks again. Ron

It happens that one of the hands from that BTS game made my “biggest pot” hands and got saved. By punching the previous button what seemed like 200 times, I got as far back on the final table as where there were 8 of us left. That begins at hand #415490506. It will take a good hour to see it to the end, and most of the play is 6 handed. If you watch closely, you’ll see that VegaOrien probably played a better game than I did but was unlucky and finished 2nd. I did a LOT of folding. Nobody gave up, every one of us was trying to win, I just hit a couple of lucky hands, once on A-3 and another on A-Q. I’ve never even heard of a game that was fought this hard for this long among six players. If you have the patience and the time, it’s worth watching.

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I’d agree that luck was a big factor but a lot of skill and intuition was involved too.
I found it interesting and educational.
For those that don’t have time to watch all of it, here are some highlights:
#415502147, #415503280, #415503350, #415503470, #415503605, #415504249, #415504410, #415504599, #415504727, #415505163, #415505393, and the final hand #415505607

Thanks for sharing Ron!