Was this hand well-played?

The Hand

There was some lively debate following this hand. I will not say anything yet to avoid undue bias.

What do y’all think? Did either player make a mistake in this hand?

Preflop: the limp call with A2o from UTG is asking for trouble, as perfectly demonstrated by the rest of the hand.

Flop: I think the c-bet is way too large. I don’t hate it as an exploit with this exact hand, but I think a smaller size is more efficient.
Raising with A2o has to be a blunder. Typically we are either way ahead or way behind, and raising loses money either way. The sizing is also poor. Sets are either trapping or going all in, so the min raise is basically just declaring that you don’t have a set. I would just jam back over the top as the small blind, because I think it’s slightly more likely you’ll find a fold than it checking through on the turn if you miss.

Turn: The shove is ok, checking is better. The call from UTG is a complete torch. We’re losing to everything now, and likely have at most 5 clean outs assuming we weren’t drawing dead. Even with the good pot odds, this is a pure fold.

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